Master of Wind Energy Course List

Wind Energy Master courses

On this page you will find all the courses that make up the Wind Energy Master program. You are able to take the full master or single courses. Click here for a detailed description of our full Wind Energy Master – Online Programme.

If you would like to follow a single course, then select that course and add it to the basket. FYI: payment is possible by credit/debitcard (once your application has been approved) or by invoice.’

  • If you are joining a course for the second or third time, please make a note in the “Comments” field
  • Please click “I have previously uploaded documentation/purchased a course in Wind Energy” if your application has already been accepted

Do you wish to follow more than one course per semester?

1: Click on one of the courses you would like to follow and add the course to the basket.

2: Once you have added the course to the basket, go back to this overview page i.e. by clicking the backward arrow in the top left corner. Please note that you have to click backward twice.

3: Click on the next course you would like to follow and add the course to the basket.

4: When you have added all the relevant courses to the basket, proceed to check out and fill in the needed information.  

Terms of payment

Payment by credit card

When you sign up for one of our courses your payment should preferably be made by credit card at our website.

Payment by invoice

At our website in the checkout form you can also choose invoice payment with a payment term of 30 days. Be aware that invoices will be issued in DKK. Payment transfer in EUR is possible if more convenient to you. However, remember to include the invoice number on the transfer information.

Failure to meet the payment deadline

Participants are requested to pay the course fee within 30 days as stated in the invoice terms of payments.  The course fees need to appear in our bank account before the invoice due date and the course starts, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your participation.

Participants who have not paid their previous course fees are withdrawn from the study administration system and will no longer be able to enrol for courses or examinations.

N.B: You will not be charged until your application has been read through and approved.