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Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity – course

Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity

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Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity

During this course, you will learn about the basic models used inside a full commercial aeroelastic code for load estimations on a wind turbine. This includes a connection between unsteady rotor aerodynamics and a dynamic structural model of the wind turbine.

You will run, alter and describe simple aeroelastic models of a wind turbine in a numerical framework (Matlab or Python) to couple a structural model with an unsteady aerodynamic rotor model.

Furthermore, you will learn to implement and operate a basic controller and simulate the response of a wind turbine.

During the course, you will furthermore be working with:

  • Building a tool for calculating unsteady loads
  • Proving survival of turbine constructions given a specific design
  • Dynamic wake/inflow models
  • Unsteady 2-D aerodynamics
  • Rotor structures
  • Wind turbine controllers
  • Stability analysis

Learning objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Run, alter and describe an unsteady Blade Element Momentum method to model the aerodynamic forces on a rotor.
  • Describe and implement a dynamic wake/inflow model in the unsteady aerodynamic model.
  • Describe and implement unsteady 2-D aerodynamics in the unsteady aerodynamic model.
  • Describe and derive how the atmospheric turbulent inflow excites the rotor structure and leads to the turbine load.
  • Describe alternative aerodynamic models for rotors.
  • Couple the unsteady aerodynamic model with a simple structural model.
  • Understand the operational regions of wind turbines and the control objective of each region.
  • Describe, analyse and implement a basic wind turbine controller.
  • Simulate and describe the static and dynamic response and loads on a turbine.
  • Describe the stability analysis of a wind turbine and discuss its issues.


This course is part of the Online Master of Wind Energy.

If you want to study the course, you need to be accepted to the Master’s programme.
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Learning online

The course is divided in 13 modules, one per week in the semester. Each module includes a combination of video lectures, exercises, quizzes and/or reading material depending on the module. This course material is available any time to allow for flexible studying conditions.

Furthermore, you are offered weekly live Q&A sessions to get in dialogue with the course lecturer and fellow participants.


This course is concluded with a written exam, conducted online.



13 weeks

Start 1. February

11.000,00 DKK