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Ensure your knowledge remains relevant, and your skills remain in demand. We believe in lifelong learning, nurturing curiosity, and embracing new insights. In a still more digitized, sustainable, and globalized world, acquiring new knowledge is paramount.

Our executive and continuing education programmes enhance the competitiveness of professionals — specialist, managers, or executives, both nationally and internationally.

Looking to upgrade your skills in the field of biotech?

DTU has just launched its 2023 Biotech Lifelong Learning programme. Expert instructors develop these courses with significant academic and industry experience.

Upgrade you biotech skills

We offer a series of continuing education courses that focus on cutting-edge research and technology tailored specifically to meet the needs of the biotech sector. They are delivered by a diverse range of university teachers and guest lecturers.

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TECHfolk podcast

TECHfolk is a podcast for those who want to be inspired by other people’s lifelong curiosity for new knowledge through research and education. It is recorded, and therefore also described, in Danish.

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Are you looking for a customized program?

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