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Board Education

16 August 2021 16:30-17:30

Board Education Webinar

How to get the perfect board position

Do you want to know how to get the right board position, based on your unique competencies and accomplishments? The fit between a company and its board members is crucial for success. At this event, Laura Vilsbæk, Karina Rothof Brix, Thomas J. Howard and Jes Broeng will present how they attract the right board positions and bring their unique competencies into play. 

Fotograf: Inge Lyngaard Hansen

14 October 2021 16:30-19:30

DTU Executive Education Event

Open House with Masterclass

Get a taste of what the DTU Executive Educations are like in the free masterclass  “Reconciling strategy and execution” with Executive MBA prof. Stephan Schubert. Stay for a drink and find out which of our programmes is the best fit for your needs.

10 November 2021 14:00-18:00

Sustainable Leadership Event

Enabling Transformative Change

Do you aspire to be at the forefront of Sustainable Leadership? By joining this event you will learn about the most recent insights in sustainability, including sustainable business models, sustainability reporting and stakeholder communication. You will also start building your own sustainable leadership toolbox. If you aspire to be at the forefront of Sustainable Leadership, this workshop is a must.

23 August 2021 16:30-17:30

Board Education Webinar

Get your board position

Join this webinar to get insights into the DTU Board Education and how it will open new opportunities in your board work career. Sign up to learn more about how you can achieve board work experience from a board position in a start-up, scale-up or an SME by attending DTU Board Education.

26. august 2021 17:00-19:00

Board Education Masterclass
(På Campus)

Den aktive bestyrelse

På denne Masterclass vil du møde Steen Ernland den ene af forfatterne til bogen “Den aktive bestyrelse”. Steen har, sammen med Lars Bo Hansen, netop udgivet en udvidet version af bestselleren, der i øjenhøjde beskriver, hvordan bestyrelser kan øge kvaliteten af deres beslutninger og øge hastigheden for den efterfølgende implementering.

22 June 2021 17:00-18:30

EMBA Masterclass

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has been used widely and frequently the past years. Many other terms have also emerged recently: Advanced Analytics, IA, Data Literacy, AI and Machine Learning. But how does it all fit together and how should we prioritize the many data opportunities from a technology, process, and people perspective?

5 October 2021 14:00-15:00

Executive Education Webinar

GaYme Changers at work

Join this AMBA-promoted webinar with Jens Schadendorf. Discover how the LGBT+ community and their allies are changing the global economy.

GaYme Changers at work:

26 October 2021 13:00-14:00

Executive Education Webinar

A brighter and more equitable future

Join the webinar with Giles Lury and Katy Mousinho, authors of Wonder Women: Inspiring Stories and Insightful Interviews with Women in Marketing: