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Hybrid Power Plants – course

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Hybrid Power Plants

Get insight into the utility scale hybrid power plants comprising of wind power, solar power, battery storage as well as possibly conversion to other energy vectors like heat and gas.

These utility scale hybrid power plants are typically connected to grid at a single grid connection point and are operated as a singular power plant maximizing the values for the power plant owners from energy and ancillary service markets.

In this course you will be introduced to the concepts of the hybrid power plants. You will gain the competences needed to differentiate them with traditional hybrid power systems like microgrid and islanded power systems.

Furthermore, you will learn about the aspects of sizing the assets of the power plant, perform physical and electrical design of the power plant, and develop power and energy management system of the power plant to operate the power plant in optimal manner.

The course is structured into three categories:

1: Overview of values of utility scale hybrid power plants for plant owners, power systems, and society

2: Design of hybrid power plants

3: Operation of hybrid power plants

Through the course session, you will work with the following:

  • Components in hybrid power plants especially on wind power, solar power, and storage
  • How to quantify variability and uncertainty
  • Aspects of relevance for sizing of a hybrid power plant
  • Grid code requirements
  • Ancillary service provision capabilities of hybrid power plants
  • Control and energy management of hybrid power plants

Learning objectives

After completing the course, you will able to:

  • Define the concept of a hybrid power plant
  • List the potential value of hybrid power plant
  • Evaluate the value of energy management systems for an hybrid power plant
  • Perform component sizing optimization of a hybrid power plant
  • Perform dynamic modelling of hybrid power plants
  • Apply hybrid power plant modelling in a realistic example
  • Report and communicate technical findings


This course is part of the Online Master of Wind Energy.

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Learning online

The course is divided in 13 modules, one per week in the semester. Each module includes a combination of video lectures, exercises, quizzes and/or reading material depending on the module. The course material is available any time to allow for flexible studying conditions.

Furthermore, you are offered weekly live Q&A sessions to get in dialogue with the course lecturer and fellow participants.


The exam consists of two written assignments and an oral exam. The oral exam will be conducted online.



13 weeks

Start 1. February

11.000,00 DKK