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Numerical Tools in Wind Energy – course

Numerical Tools in Wind Energy

In this course, the participant is given an overview of numerical tools and the concepts of physical vs. model world, measurement vs. modelling, resolution and scale in modelling, verification and validation of models, as well as sensitivity analysis and best engineering practice is covered.

The participant will then choose one specific tool to work with for the rest of the course.

Learning objectives

After completing this course, the participant is able to:

  • List the different numerical tools used at DTU Wind Energy and their typical applications.
  • Explain the basics of selected tools and their operational envelopes.
  • Illustrate the concept of model verification and validation.
  • Choose a numerical tool for a given application.
  • Apply a selected tool on a predefined setup.
  • Set up a selected tool for solving a given problem.
  • Analyse the sensitivity of different setups for a given case.
  • Select the optimal setup for a given problem.
  • Evaluate the uncertainties of the results predicted by a selected tool.


This course is part of the Online Master of Wind Energy.

If you want to study the course, you need to be accepted to the Master’s programme.
Read more about the admission requirements for the Online Master of Wind Energy.

Duration and exam

The course has a duration of 13 weeks and concludes with a written exam.



13 weeks

Start 1. September

11.000,00 DKK