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Prototyper for internet of things

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The objective for this course is to give the students the opportunity to develop a prototype based on a product idea within Internet of Things. The product idea generally is a further development of a project from one of the IoT prerequisite courses. The course focusses on low-power WAN technologies, IoT backend solutions, but also on the product and business side of a potential IoT product

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  • Identify the challenges the market has for IoT products (technology push or pull)
  • Analyse low power WAN technologies for different product use cases
  • Apply design thinking principles
  • Synthesize a prototype fulfilling a specific market need
  • Perform a market analysis
  • Incorporate UX design parameters
  • Apply basic electronics principles and circuitry
  • Devise software and applications
  • Apply 3D design, printing, circuit design, prototype manufacturing principles
  • Describe start-up funding opportunities
  • Write a technical report and present the prototype at a pitch-style presentation


The focus of the course will be on applying IoT technologies in a specific prototype. The course is based on hands-on project work and prototyping. Topics covered include market research and analysis, design thinking, LP-WAN technologies, basic electronics, 3D printing, Arduino programming, UX design, APP development, start-up funding opportunities, report writing and pitching, guest lectures from industry and other DTU departments.

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Lectures and project work



Maksimum: 40.

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