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Advances in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Te main objective of the course is to familiarize the PhD candidates enrolled in the DTU Chemical Engineering PhD school with a broader spectrum of research activities of chemical and biochemical engineering in academia and industry. Moreover, the course participants will be trained in dissemination of their own research work by preparing a popular article / communication highlighting their own research project.

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  • Define and describe the latest trends and ideas in chemical and biochemical engineering and industries
  • Define contemporary challenges of the chemical and biochemical engineering fields
  • Put in perspective one’s own research subject within the bigger picture of chemical engineering research from product to process development and more.
  • Read and understand review articles related to seminar topics
  • Formulate relevant & meaningful questions and discuss these with the lecturer during the seminars
  • Engage with scholarly and constructive discussions in chemical engineering research fields
  • Communicate a technical subject using a semi-popular/non-technical language to able to reach a broader audience.
  • In particular, be able to write a popular article to semi-technical engineering journals or be able to prepare a Youtube movie clip.


Departmental seminars are given by invited distinguished researchers from academia and established professionals from industry in the field of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. The topics of the seminar lectures cover a broad spectrum of activities in the chemical and biochemical engineering from applied thermodynamics, to pharmaceutical engineering, biorefineries, harmful emissions and control, product and process design, enzyme technology, polymer technology, process technology, systems engineering, process operation and control, supply chain management, sustainable development, energy, climate change and many more.


Active participation to departmental seminars. Reading review articles related to the seminar topics. Synthesize & discuss relevant and critical questions from contemporary research topics in chemical and biochemical engineering . Preparation of a short report and communication using non-technical language.



Participants need to be registered at PhD school of DTU Chemical Engineering


Minimum 4, Maksimum: 100.

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