Single-Course English 5 ECTS

Concrete Technology

Overall Course Objectives

To give the students a basic knowledge about the (micro)structure and properties of concrete, so that they obtain a sufficient background to
– estimate simple relationships between concrete structure, materials, execution, and environmental exposure
– select materials for typical concrete structures in consideration of sustainability as well as structural detailing, execution methods, and environmental exposure.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the effect of concrete composition on the workability and evaluate possible means to vary the workability
  • Describe important raw materials for production of concrete and their properties
  • Calculate the property development as a function of time and temperature
  • Calculate the volume of solids and porosity within the Portland cement-water system during cement hydration
  • Estimate relevant properties of cement paste from the chemical composition of the cement
  • Identify relevant transport mechanisms and estimate transport of matter in concrete
  • Describe typical deterioration mechanisms, typical damage types and propose means of mitigation
  • Estimate typical mechanical and moisture dependent properties of hardened concrete.
  • Describe the fundamental developments within cement and concrete technology

Course Content

As far as practically possible the course is based on materials science concepts, so that the students obtain a fundamental understanding of the relationships between structure and properties of concrete. Problems of practical use for civil engineers: Selection of constituent materials, including properties of cement. Flow properties. Execution, including production and curing. Development of properties as a function of time and temperature. Mechanical properties. Durability.

Recommended prerequisites

11561/11562/12603/12604, (11561/12604) Construction Materials – use and testing,
(11562/12603) Materials Science for Civil Engineers

Teaching Method

Lectures, written excercises.



Course 12612 is planed after that the students have obtained knowledge equivalent to the curriculum of course 11562/12603 (Materials Science for Civil Engineers) prior to the course. Hence, it is in course 12612 taken for granted that the students know about chemical reactions and equilibrium of reactions, thermodynamic state parameters, and thermal properties of materials.

Limited number of seats

Minimum: 15.

Please be aware that this course will only be held if the required minimum number of participants is met. You will be informed 8 days before the start of the course, whether the course will be held.

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13 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 12612
Course type Candidate
Semester start Week 5
Semester end Week 19
Days Mon 8-12

7.500,00 DKK