Single-Course Danish 5 ECTS

Road and railway design

Overall Course Objectives

The objective is that students acquire knowledge and skills in planning and designing major roads, including traffic signs and other equipment. That the students can make road safety audit and know about EIA-assessment, and the planning and preliminary design of railway construction.
The course aims to enable students to give and justify and communicate choices and solutions of assignments in writing and orally. The course aims to enable students to explain the use of digital tools.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan the road network in an area
  • Determine a corridor for a future roadway
  • Design geomety of a major road construction in open country
  • Make adaptation of the existing road network
  • Carry out road safety audit of a road project in open country
  • Plan a future railway line and a railway station
  • Design horizontal and vertical alignment of a railway line
  • Describe procedure and content of EIA, including the use of the InfraLCA tool
  • Explain the use of digital tools
  • Commmunicate, indicate and justify the selection of solutions of the assignments in writing and orally

Course Content

In Denmark as well as abroad, many kilometers of roads and railways are being built in open land. The course provides important competences for planning and projecting major roads and railways in a way that makes them both safe, aesthetic and sustainable.
• Traffic planning: transport needs, means of transport, EIA
• Geometric road design: Road types, capacity, function, safety, environment, aesthetics, horizontal and vertical alignment, cross-sectional elements, junction types and geometry
• Railway traffic: rail traffic systems, the strength and weaknesses of the railway, capacity and driving times.
• Railway design: Track technology, horizontal and vertical alignment, cross section, drainage, station layout.

Recommended prerequisites

Teaching Method

Lectures, assignments, course works, excursions, exercises



Research group: Production, Transportation and Planning
Byggeri og Infrastruktur, 4. semester. Kurset er en obligatorisk del af fagpakkerne Konstruktion og Infrastruktur.
Arktisk Byggeri og Infrastruktur: 5. semester
Mobilitet, Transport og Logistik: 3. semester

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13 weeks


Engineering Technology


DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 62276
Course type Graduate Engineer

7.500,00 DKK