Single-Course Danish 2.5 ECTS

Inorganic Qualitative Analysis (Laboratory Exercises)

Overall Course Objectives

To obtain basic practical skills for working in a chemical laboratory with attention to personal safety. To illustrate part of the chemistry of the more important elements. To learn how to follow a procedure. To know the most common ions in aqueous solution. To become familiar with basic chemical principles of separations and simple identifications. To obtain practical and theoretical knowledge at a basic level in inorganic chemistry.

Learning Objectives

  • Act responsibly in a laboratory
  • evaluate the hazards of chemicals
  • learn important parts of the Periodic table of the elements
  • balance chemical equations
  • write formulas, colours and reactivity of important ions in aqueous solution
  • perform chemical separations and simple identification reactions
  • know about the connection between chemical theory and practical laboratory work
  • know about soluble and insoluble salts
  • understand the chemistry of fireworks and the emission spectra of selected elements
  • recognize how chemical waste should be handled responsibly
  • know of the most dangerous inorganic chemicals

Course Content

Perfoming a number of qualitative analyses on selected inorganic mixtures and identifications of salts containing a selection of elements from the Periodic Table of the elements, including some poisonous and dangerous compounds in semimicro scale. Evaluation of the relevant reactions. Assessment of risks and safe handling of chemical waste. Investigation of flame colours and assessment of the elements giving colours in firework.

Recommended prerequisites

26000/26001/26020/26021/26022/26026/26027/26028/26030/26050/26171/26800/26173/26006, Together with 26171.26173 at the latest.

Teaching Method

Laboratory work including theory. 4 hours of laboratory work per day and 1 hour of home work.


Fundamental laboratory safety

No ordinary exam

Limited number of seats

Maximum: 88.

Please be aware that this course has a limited number of seats available. If there are too many applicants, a pool will be created for the remainder of the qualified applicants, and they will be selected at random. You will be informed 8 days before the start of the course, whether you have been allocated a spot.

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13 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 26371
Course type Graduate Engineer

7.500,00 DKK

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