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Afløbssystemer og urban regnvandshåndtering

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The aim is to provide participants the general skills and knowledge needed to design, analyse and adapt urban drainage and stormwater systems in a setting with growing urbanization and climatic change. Knowledge is provided in the most important hydraulic and hydrological processes, as well as entry level statistics on extreme rainfall, wet-weather pollution discharges and flooding. Skills are provided in the traditional way of dimensioning drainage and stormwater systems by hand calculation as well as in the use of a state-of-the-art software for dynamic simulation of urban stormwater systems under heavy rain (e.g. MIKE+). The course focuses on both water quantity and quality and will introduce both traditional and novel solutions to managing stormwater – including both technical stormwater control measures, nature based solutions, and new digital data products and control principles.

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  • Design simple urban drainage and stormwater management systems
  • Analyse existing systems to identify areas in risk of flooding
  • Propose a range of solutions to solve flood and surcharge problems, and document the effect of these solutions
  • Dimension the most important system structures such as pipes, basins and overflow structures as well as nature based solutions and ocal infiltration devices
  • Use advanced simulation software for urban stormwater systems (e.g. MIKE+)
  • Understand the perspective of latest trends in digitalization of urban drainage systems – including new data and model products and digital twins
  • Quantify frequency and volume of overflows
  • Estimate pollutant loads to recipients
  • Choose between different types of raindata for use on different types of problems
  • Identify the main sources of uncertainty in model assessments and compare to uncertainty from climate change and growth of cities


Urban drainage and stormwater management; cloudburst; pluvial flooding; overflow; dimensioning new system components; hydraulics; urban hydrology; backwater; modelling; simplification; st. Venants Equations; nature based solutions (LAR, SUDS, LIDS, WSUD…); rainfall statistics; return period; sources to pollution; effects of climate change on stormwater systems, real time modelling and control.

Anbefalede forudsætninger

41102/12320, Basic understanding of hydraulic and hydrological phenomena and calculations


Lectures, tutorials, computer simulations, excursions, project work in groups and report writing.


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13 uger




DTU Lyngby Campus

Kursus ID 12122
Kursustype Kandidat
Semesterstart Uge 35
Semester slut Uge 48
Dage tors 8-12

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