Single-Course English 7.5 ECTS

Advanced engineering thermodynamics

Overall Course Objectives

To get a broad insight in advanced topics in thermodynamics as well as a deeper understanding of selected topics. To learn how to plan and conduct a lecture. To improve the ability to communicate and discuss scientific standpoints.

Learning Objectives

  • Disseminate thermodynamics concepts and laws in a teaching situation
  • Describe the concepts entropy and exergy and their use in analyses of thermal energy systems
  • Evaluate options for minimizing exergy losses in selected processes
  • Analyze chemically reactive systems
  • Analyze systems including mass transfer
  • Evaluate the choice of equations of state for calculation of fluid properties
  • Conduct advanced heat transfer calculations
  • Plan and conduct a lecture within the scientific field
  • Discuss form and content of a completed lecture
  • Use and evaluate different teaching method
  • Use adsvanced thermodynamics on a research case

Course Content

First law of thermodynamics, second law of thermodynamics, exergy analysis, chemically reactive systems, mass transfer, equations of state, heat transfer

Recommended prerequisites


Teaching Method

Ten lectures of two hours duration during half a year. The plan for these lectures is made at the introductory meeting. The students will plan and conduct two lectures including discussion and/or problem solving with guidance from their PhD supervisor. In each session a specific topic is taught to the rest of the group. The lecture will be evaluated by the group. In addition the students will apply the theories for relevant cases.


Each lecture will be of 2 hours duration. Each lecture is planned and carried out by a pair of the students. The aim is to teach one topic from the theory to the rest of the group by: Presentation of learning objectives, teaching of a specific topic, example(s)/assignment(s), summary, questions/discussion. The session will end by feedback to the lecturer on the form and content of the lecture from all the participants.

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13 weeks


DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 41491
Course type PhD

15.900,00 DKK