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    AMBA accredited Executive MBA developed and personalised for your professional needs

    “In the jungle of domestic and international MBA offerings, I found DTU Executive MBA a fantastic opportunity to further explore and expand on my existing experience and skills. The DTU team has designed an executive MBA that fully matches the best International programmes. Also worth highlighting is the combination of DTU’s technical culture with innovative strategic thinking and creative problem solving.”

    Lars Christian Larsen
    Consultant at KWLT Engineering & Services
    Graduate 2017

    Take your Executive MBA at Denmark’s Technical University – DTU, the 3rd Best Engineering and Technology University in the World 2023 (only surpassed by Stanford & MIT). Our Executive MBA is AMBA accredited ensuring you the highest teaching quality that helps you develop and succeed.

    Next class starts 15 August 2024.

    Get the tools you need
    With an inspiring programme, applied learning approaches and top-class faculty from leading international business schools and universities, DTU Executive MBA aims to empower leaders and companies to deal with the complexities of business management. You will get the tools you need to adapt, lead and to solve task within challenging situations.

    DTU Executive MBA, also called Master in Management of Technology (MMT) is a big personal investment. However, it is likely to be one of the best investments you will ever make, with an enormous payback in both the short- and the long-run.

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    5 reasons for choosing an Executive MBA

    • Develop yourself as a leader – through acquiring better personal insight and expanding your leadership skills through presentations, teamwork, personalized feedback and structured reflection supported by business psychologists
    • Create more value for your company and yourself, whilst advancing your career
    • Strengthen your ability to solve complex challenges within your team and company – by learning to use tools, methods and insights that will make your working life more efficient when dealing with daily challenges
    • Gain the needed theoretical background and learn how utilise them directly in your everyday working life from day one.  
    • You will join an exclusive professional network of MBA alumni from different industries and management levels. 

    5 important reasons for choosing DTU for your Executive MBA

    • DTU Executive has 25 years of experience – and you can be part of cohort 26 
    • We have global faculty flying in from top universities and business schools from all over the world 
    • DTU is 2nd leading research university in the world, where we at DTU Executive MBA can gain advantages from DTU’s own ecosystems, e.g. Skylab for startups and research professors. 
    • DTU Executive MBA is accredited by AMBA, the Association of MBAs. This accreditation ensures the high quality of the programme and the benefits it provides for our participants and their companies.
    • With our EMBA programme, you will go on two international study trips, among these to UC Berkeley / HAAS School of Business in San Francisco.

    Personalized for your career and work challenges

    We use an applied learning approach, also called ’contextual learning’. This means that all your assignments and cases are focused not only on enhancing your knowledge but also on having a direct and positive impact on your current business challenges. In practical terms, this means that your Executive MBA can, in large, be implemented in your daily work life from day one.

    Company-specific assignments

    The structure of the programme ensures that theories and methods are applicable in practice. You will mainly address topics which have the potential for developing solution-oriented methods and tools. The programme is based on an ongoing interaction between participant experiences and relevant frameworks. About 50% of the total study time is spent on company-specific assignments and projects.

    Programme structure

    Our general management curriculum gives you a solid foundation of practical business skills and experience and of applying knowledge in the real world. Teaching formats include case discussions, immersive team simulations, introspective exercises and feedback, real-world projects and group assignments, and international study tours.

    During the first semester, you will go on a study tour to UC Berkeley as part of the Innovation Leadership course, to find new inspiration. During the third semester, you will visit and work with local companies abroad through a real-life consultancy project.

    EMBA programme structure

    * We are constantly striving to improve the Executive MBA programme and its contents, so as to offer you the newest and most relevant research, knowledge and experiences in rapidly changing markets. Please note that the programme may be subject to change, and can be updated continuously.

    Trip to UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley

    DTU Executive Education and University of California, Berkeley (U.C. Berkeley) have a unique partnership, which explores leadership concepts at the executive level. The Innovation Leadership course during the first semester is taught at UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology by local faculty and industry representatives from Silicon Valley. The course explores key management and leadership concepts at the executive level, which are relevant for innovation in public and private organisations.

    Panoramic view of Berkeley; San Francisco, Treasure Island and the Bay bridge visible in the background; California

    The concepts taught in this intensive course, during our one-week stay in Berkeley, enhance your judgment and inspire new thought processes about innovation.

    Participants get to learn from UC Berkeley faculty, talk to industry leaders, visit Silicon Valley companies and team up on a project presented to a venture capitalist and Berkeley professor.

    Students will receive a certificate from UC Berkeley Extension upon completion of the module.

    Klasseundervisning i UC Berkeley

    Admission, practicalities and finance

    Application and admission

    Applications are received and processed during the whole year on a first come, first served basis.

    The minimum academic and professional requirements for joining DTU Executive MBA programme are: a bachelor’s degree, five years of work experience and three years of leadership experience. In addition, the admission team looks for qualities such as curiosity, adaptability, reflectiveness and strategic acumen. The admission process typically starts with an informal discussion of the programme and the candidate’s needs and constraints. Once the candidate submits the application, an admission interview is scheduled with the Programme Directors.

    Your acceptance to DTU Executive MBA is valid for three years. When we receive a signed admission letter, you are guaranteed a place in the programme. Once payment for the first semester has been made, the contract is binding.

    Please note that enrollment in the programme cannot be used for residency or visa application purposes. Participants must already be able to be physically present in Denmark at least once a month.


    The programme is four semesters long and begins at the end of August each year. The teaching takes place fortnightly, on Fridays and Saturdays, from 08:30 to 16:30, with a one-hour lunch break.

    The complete EMBA requires a work effort of approximately 1,800 hours, which corresponds to 60 ECTS.


    The cost of the programme consists of tuition fees, study materials and catering at DTU Campus.

    • Tuition fee: DKK 395,000
    • Materials and catering: DKK 25,000
    • Total cost: DKK 420,000

    The two international study tours are an integral part of the programme and take place in the first and third semesters. Please note that as a participant you will be responsible for arranging and paying for flights, accommodation, catering, and travel insurance in relation to the study tours. This is not included in the fees payable to DTU.

    One month prior to the start of each semester, you will receive an invoice for tuition fees, materials and catering, amounting to DKK 105,000 excluding VAT, which is non-refundable.

    The cost of the EMBA programme can be covered by the company, the participant, or through an arrangement to split the cost between parties. Significant savings can be achieved by utilising the Gross Income Tax Credit (bruttelønsordning). For further information, please visit tax.dk or view the video below (in Danish).

    The state subsidy for part-time education is determined in the Finance Act on an annual basis. DTU reserves the right to adjust the participant payment.

    Gross Income Tax Credit

    Substantial cost savings can be gained by applying for the Gross Income Tax Credit (bruttolønsordning). For further information, please go to tax.dk or check out this video.

    Meet our participants

    When taking an Executive MBA, you don’t only learn from the professors. Your peers are a big part of the equation, as you will often engage in discussions and solve problems together. Here you can meet some of our former participants and see what they have to say about DTU’s Executive MBA.

    Our participants come from a variety of backgrounds – both professionally and personally. What they have in common is the drive to become better leaders, who drive innovation and digitalization in sustainable business models. Below you can see some figures on our typical participant profile.

    Our international faculty of highly experienced teaching Professors come from the world’s most leading Universities and business schools across Europe, USA, and Asia. The teaching Professors bring diverse professional and academic backgrounds and are handpicked to the DTU Executive MBA programme to unsure that you are taught by the best.

    Our teaching Professors come from:

    • UC Berkeley
    • INSEAD
    • London Business School
    • HEC Paris
    • RICE University
    • Fordham University
    • CEIBS (China Europe International Business School)
    • TUM School of Management
    • University of Bath
    • Nyenrode Business University
    • University of Edinburgh Business School
    • University of Hamburg
    • Ashridge Business School (Hult Ashridge)
    • Harvard Business School
    • DTU – Technical University of Denmark
    • and many more.

    Watch Brent Smith, Professor of Management and Psychology at Rice University, discuss the positive educational environment for both professors and students at DTU EMBA.

    Leadership & Strategy

    Our leadership cast comprises renown faculty, industry leaders, consulting experts and psychologists, all working towards one goal: making you a better leader.

    • Al Nedjari, Leadership Labs, Dramatic Resources
    • Andrew Campbell, Organizational Capabilities, Ashridge Business School
    • Berit Sander, Leadership Labs, Sander Konsulentfirma ApS
    • Brent Smith, Leadership Labs, Rice University
    • Hervé Coyco, Leadership Labs, HEC Paris
    • John Amis, Organizational Capabilities, University of Edinburgh Business School
    • Kent Jonasen, Leadership Labs, Leadership Pipeline Institute
    • Liisa Välikangas, Organizational Capabilities, DTU- Technical University of Denmark
    • Mathew Jon Rushton, Leadership Labs, DTU- Technical University of Denmark
    • Peter Moran, Strategy in Complex Environments, CEIBS


    Innovation is at the core of our programme, with an immersive week in Berkeley and no less than 4 other faculty using a wealth of tools, frameworks, case studies and exercises to bring you to the leading edge of strategic innovation management.

    • Darrell Mann, Innovation Leadership, Systematic Innovation Ltd
    • Iklaq Sidhu, Innovation Leadership, UC Berkeley
    • Oliver Alexy, Innovation Leadership, TUM School of Management
    • Roger Hallowell, Design Methodology, HEC Paris
    • Thomas Howard, Design Methodology, DTU Entrepreneurship
    • Tim McAloone, Design Methodology, DTU- Technical University of Denmark

    Technology and Digital Transformation

    Technology is in the DNA of DTU. How to organize best leverage technologies for competitive advantage? Hear from those who have done it, sometimes repeatedly.

    • Jan Recker, Digital Capabilities, University of Hamburg
    • Jes Broeng, Elective Course: Startup Boards, DTU Entrepreneurship
    • Thomas Bolander, Elective Course: Artificial Intelligence, DTU Compute


    Sustainability has quickly become a new business imperative, with transformative power. But how do we think about sustainability in various industries? How will value chains be reconfigured?

    • Alistair Brandon-Jones, Operations Management, University of Bath
    • Jackie Stenson, Sustainable Business Innovation, DTU- Technical University of Denmark
    • Michael Lewis, Operations Management, University of Bath
    • Salla Laasonen, Sustainable Business Innovation, DTU- Technical University of Denmark

    General Management Disciplines

    General management disciplines round up the education with rigorous methods and deep understanding of the mechanisms needed to run businesses in complex, volatile environments. 

    • Dennis Vink, Managerial Finance, Nyenrode Business University
    • Marcus Alexander, Methods of Inquiry, London Business School
    • Stephan Schubert, Business and Society, INSEAD
    • Stephane Guerraz, Managerial Economics, DTU- Technical University of Denmark
    • Sertan Kabadayi, Marketing Management, Fordham University (New York City)
    • Zoran Perunovic, Methods of Inquiry, Rice University

    DTU Executive MBA Staff

    DTU Executive MBA Alumni Association

    EMBA participants will automatically be members of the Alumni Association as soon as they graduate. The purpose of joining the association is to maintain and expand the close personal relationships established during the course of the programme. This also expands each participant’s professional network, as it unites members of all classes through course-related activities and discussions on the association’s online platform and LinkedIn group. The alumni association offers year-round events and activities to foster lifelong learning in the areas of leadership, innovation, technology and sustainability.

    The strength of our network

    Working together intensively over 21 months tends to create strong relationships. Those safe and trusting relationships are highly valuable for us, as executives. That is in order to share and explore our practice, be challenged by our peers and keep learning. 

    Learning is often rife where there is diversity and as you may remember, there is much diversity in the profiles of the Alumni at DTU. The diversity of each class is what enables us to best address the themes in our MBA: Leadership, Innovation, Technology, Digitalization and Sustainability. That is our strength!

    Join EMBA Alumni Group

    Ongoing activities and events are managed via the EMBA Alumni on LinkedIn and when appropriate, via direct emailing.

    Join the EMBA Alumni on LinkedIn.

    Join the Alumni mailing list and/or update your contact details.


    The Alumni Board offers a range of activities throughout the year. Some of them are in-person events and others are virtual. The diagram below captures the activities.

    Face-to-face activities
    • Reunion – The reunion is a one-day event at DTU. Once a year. Organized by the Alumni board, after consultation with alumni. Involving Faculty.
    • Masterclass – Masterclasses are half-day events at DTU. Typically six masterclasses each year. Designed to give prospective students a flavor of the Executive MBA at DTU. Organized by the programme directors and taught by the faculty or external guests.
    • Out and About – Evening events, close to DTU. Twice a year. Organized by the Alumni board, after consultation with alumni.
    • Electives – Electives are two-day events at DTU and there are typically two or three of them each year. The topic is selected by the current class.
    Virtual activities through the Alumni Platform
    • Interest Groups – An online discussion forum with alumni. Interest groups can be established at any time by alumni. No fixed duration. Alumni can join and leave an interest group at any time.
    • Hotseats – An online discussion forum with an expert. Hotseats are established three times a year by the Alumni Board, after consultation with alumni. Fixed duration of 12 weeks. Alumni can join and leave a Hotseat at any time.
    • Book Review – Book reviews are published by the Alumni board, after consultation with the faculty and alumni. Published four times a year.
    Meet the alumni board

    Upcoming Events

    DTU’s Executive MBA is more than an education; it’s a journey. Choosing to sign up and spend 21 months at school, while still working, is a big decision. To help you get a feel of what the programme is like, we offer a variety of events, including Masterclasses, information meetings and webinars

    Executive MBA Info Meetings

    Join us for an insightful information meeting, learn how DTU Executive MBA can help you archive your career goals, hear more about our Executive MBA programme and see our modern facilities.

    20 and 27 June from 8.30-9.30

    Masterclass: Unlock Your Leadership Potential – From Expert to Managerial Role

    Gain valuable insights and practical advice on navigating this significant career transition. Discover the essential traits and tools needed to thrive as a leader in today’s dynamic business environment.

    13 June from 16.00-18.00

    Masterclass: Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Join us for an insightful Masterclass where you’ll gain invaluable perspectives from successful startup ventures and the dynamic tech scene at DTU.

    22 May from 16.00-18.00

    Unlock Your Leadership Potential – From Expert to Managerial Role

    Gain valuable insights and practical advice on navigating this significant career transition. Discover the essential traits and tools needed to thrive as a leader in today’s dynamic business environment.

    13 June from 16.00-18.00

    Masterclass: Sustainable Progress – Breaking Barriers and Building Futures

    Join us for an engaging panel discussion that promises to provoke and open eyes to what lies ahead – how do we move toward sustainability that offers a vibrant economy for all?

    30 April from 16.00-17.30.

    Masterclass: Navigating our Economic Future

    This Masterclass will delve into the intricacies of our economic future. Gain insights into predicting long-term growth, sustainable prosperity factors, and managing the business cycle.

    11 April from 16.00-18.00

    Masterclass: Toward Vibrant Sustainability – Overcoming Us versus Them

    Join us for an engaging panel discussion that promises to provoke and open eyes to what lies ahead – how do we move toward sustainability that offers a vibrant economy for all?
    This EMBA Masterclass is being held in collaboration with Master in Sustainable Leadership.

    30 April from 16.00-17.30

    Masterclass on Digital Capabilities

    The Masterclass focuses on how organizations can grow their digital capabilities by building a digital mindset, how technology fluency can be more effective than perfection, and how managers can find the appropriate level of maturity for their organization.

    7 March from 16.00-18.00

    Masterclass: Understanding modern consumers’ decisions 

    This Masterclass session will discuss what factors affect consumers’ decisions in a very complex marketplace and what organizations and businesses can do for each step to better serve modern consumers. 

    8 February from 16.00-18.00

    Masterclass: Exploring leadership – myth, reality and science

    Join our free Masterclass, where you will get the unique opportunity to learn from one of the leading minds in the field of leadership – Professor Brent Smith from Rice University.

    11 January from 16.00-18.00

    EMBA Breakfast Club

    Join our EMBA Breakfast Club where you can meet our programme directors, hear more about our Executive MBA programme and see our modern facilities.

    Breakfast will be available from 08.00-08:30

    Articles, videos and more

    In this section, you can find inspiration on the different disciplines that from the Executive MBA. Beyond articles, you will find recordings of our previous masterclasses, book reviews by the Programme Directors and much more.

    Reconciling Strategy and Execution

    There is much to learn from the military about reconciling strategic thinking and acting. Watch this Masterclass with INSEAD professor Stephan Schubert to learn how to apply strategic army principles to your organization.

    Reconciling strategy and execution masterclass

    Digital Transformation

    How should we prioritize the many data opportunities from a technology, process, and people perspective? Find the answers in this inspiring talk with entrepreneur and DTU MBA alumnus, Amit Luthra.

    Leaders, Fools and Impostors

    Stephane Guerraz – Former Programme Director of DTU Executive EMBA – shares some key insights from the book “Leaders, Fools and Impsotors” written by Professor Manfred Kets de Vries from INSEAD.

    Leaders, fools and impostors

    Innovation Inside Technology

    Creativity and innovation are increasingly looking like the last bastions of human advantage over the ever-evolving world of computer technology. With 98% of innovation attempts failing, however, perhaps the world of computer-aided innovation has nothing to fear: the only way is up.

    Driving Digital Strategy

    Stephane Guerraz – Former Programme Director of DTU Executive EMBA – shares some key insights from the book “Driving Digital Strategy – A Guide to Reimagining Your Business” written by Professor Sunil Gupta from Harvard Business School.

    In the media

    The Executive MBA is often featured in specialized magazined as well as in several outlets of the digital landscape. Here you can see some of our recent apparitions in the Danish media.

    Graduate engineer does EMBA: “I went from a car to a helicopter perspective”

    Keyla Barahona is Senior Associate Supplier Quality with Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies. Alongside her job, she has done DTU’s Executive MBA programme, which has taught her how to be a more flexible leader.

    Top executive in international company did EMBA degree: “I learned to be authentic in my leader role”

    Jens Perregaard is currently Global Vice President of BASF in Germany. He was one of the first to do an Executive MBA at DTU, which taught him the importance of authentic leadership.

    21 top managers complete further education at DTU

    Top managers from international and national organizations completed their Executive MBA from DTU in June. An exciting future, where they must put their new skills to use awaits them.

    Congratulations to our newly EMBA Graduates

    On June 23rd, 2023, we celebrated the graduation of Class 24 – now Class of 2023. Get a glimpse of the joyful day with us.

    When hard work pays off

    A 30-second glimpse into the graduation ceremony of Class 22, which took place in June 2021.

    Maskinmesteren Karrierevejen

    Article focusing on the career opportunities an Executive MBA can open to machine engineers, with DTU EMBA graduate Christian Christensen.

    Maritime – February 2021

    DTU Learn for Life – home of DTU Executive MBA. The advertorial also informs on Board Education, the newest programme in our Center.



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