Single-Course English 7.5 ECTS

Chemical food safety

Overall Course Objectives

The course gives the students an understanding of chemical food safety in a Danish, European and international context. The course cover Danish and European Union food and feed legislation with a focus on chemical contaminants. Chemical contaminates in feed and food covers among others, dioxins and PCBs, metals and processing contaminants. The course focus on chemical food safety and a sustainable food production, such as the use of new feed resources and the use of side streams. The review of chemical contaminants covers chemical analyses, occurrence in feed and food, toxicity and risk assessment.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss chemical food safety in a European and international context.
  • Discuss chemical food safety in the context of sustainable food production.
  • Identify and assess chemical contaminants in feed and food.
  • Describe sources and occurrence of chemical contaminants in feed and food.
  • Identify and evaluate new feed and food resources.
  • Explain the principles of chemical analysis of feed and food.
  • Describe chemical risk assessment and the implications for human health.
  • Evaluate data set on the occurrence of chemical contaminants in feed and food.

Course Content

Chemical contaminants in the food chain. European feed and food legislation. Sustainable food production. Food contamination at farming stage. Food contamination during food processing. Chemical food and feed safety analysis. Chemical analysis. Quality assurance and evaluation of data.

E-lectures, Q&A sessions, and assignments.

Recommended prerequisites

Basic knowledge in biology and chemistry. Experience from the feed or food industry or public sector.

Teaching Method


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13 weeks




DTU Other Campus

Course code 23F11
Course type Part-time Master
Semester start Week 5
Semester end Week 19

11.250,00 DKK