Single-Course Danish 10 ECTS

Product development – tools and design strategies

Overall Course Objectives

The course builds on the previous courses in product development, ie. the courses 62008 and 62030, and 62039. Additionally, the calculation techniques of course 10935 are applied.
The course is aimed at the students who wants to improve their skills in development of physical products. Course has a more technical approach than the mentioned courses. The course consists partly of:
– a series of tools for products development, e.g. how statics and strength of materials can be used in product development,
– introduction of different design strategies, e.g. Design for Manufacture.

Learning Objectives

  • Use and select systematic and creative methods for concept generation.
  • Illustrate and communicate problems, solutions etc.
  • Have achieved knowledge of how statics and strength of materials in practice can be used in product development.
  • Use the basic functions of the CAD software such as SolidWorks, Sketchup etc.
  • Carry out detailed design of a product’.
  • Complete overall cost calculations in a design process.
  • Use a CNC milling machine. Herein lies designing and manufacturing parts using CNC.
  • Use and select design strategies for a development project.

Course Content

Product development, basic statics and strength of materials, design strategies, CNC, specification, concept generation, prototyping, CAD

Recommended prerequisites

62009/62008/62030/10935, The course builds on the knowledge and skills that are acquired through the courses “62009 Material science”, “62008 Product development – The stages and processes of product development”, “62030 From idea to checkout”, and “10935 Physics 1″.

Teaching Method

Lectures, workshops, project work, prototyping.


Faggruppen for mekanisk teknologi (100%)
Process and innovation: 4. semester, specializing course
Export: elective course

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13 weeks


Engineering Technology


DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 62051
Course type Graduate Engineer

15.000,00 DKK