Single-Course Danish 10 ECTS

Introduction to Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Overall Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to give an introduction to chemical
engineering concepts that are used in the chemical, biotechnological, and the pharmaceutical industry. This introductory course will make the student able to
understand the description of an engineering problem and be able to solve the problem by using the given information or information found in the literature
understand and sketch flowsheets for plants
calculate size, composition, temperature and pressure of streams in plants
calculate energy transfer in systems with pumps and in pipes
know the fundamental principles behind a number of important types of process equipment and to get a general knowledge of such equipment
make quantitative calculations to design process equipment and to predict performance and capacity of existing equipment when operating conditions are changed

Learning Objectives

  • Draw proces flow sheets for chemical and biological processes
  • Set up and solve mass and energy balances for chemical and biological processes
  • Set up and solve transient mass balances for chemical and biological processes
  • Calculate equilibrium composition, dew point and boiling point for a two phase gas liquid system based on Raoult and Henry’s laws
  • Apply phase diagrams to calculate equilibrium composition and amounts for two-phase systems
  • Apply mass balances and equilibrium calculations to make design calculation on equilibrium stage processes such as distillation and extraction
  • Calculate required number of equilibrium stages by McCabe-Thiele’s method
  • Apply the mechanical energy balance to calculate the exchange of energy in pumps and other process equipment
  • Calculate the friction pressure drop due to flow in pipes, fittings and fixed beds
  • Design frequently encountered process equipment such as filters, cyclones, fluid beds, heat exchangers, columns for absorption and stripping
  • Solve a chemical engineering problem and formulate the calculation method and the results in a report

Course Content

The course is extended over two semesters and combines theory,
and a major course problem. Systematic mass and energy balances for chemical processes with and without chemical reaction and with and without multiple phases.
Stage processes exemplified by absorption, distillation and extraction columns. Applications of phase equilibria, bubble point and dew point calculations in multicomponent systems. Design of distillation columns.

Examples: A number of typical problems from industrial processes are presented to illustrate practical applications and to form a background for understanding the quantitative methods described in the course. Practical examples on solution of environmental problems.

Flow: The mechanical energy balance, flow of gases and liquids, calculation of friction losses in pipe systems. Pumps and design of pipe systems. Filtration and sedimentation processes including fluidization.
Heat transfer: Heat transfer by conduction, convection and condensation.
Design of heat exchangers.
Mass transfer: Differential mass balances, batch distillation, diffusion, rate dependent mass transfer operations (absorption, stripping).

The teaching activities involve i.a. practical examples within energy optimization, energy storage and pollution control that are of relevance for the transition to a more sustainable chemical industry.

Recommended prerequisites

10020/26201, Not later than at the same time

Teaching Method

Lectures, problem solving sessions in groups, homework problems, and a course problem (in the autumn)



The course is one of three necessary chemical engineering prerequisites (28020, 28140, 28160) for admission to MSc-studies in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. Bachelor studies in Chemical Engineering should additionally preferably include the following courses 28221, 28121/28125 and 28150.

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13 weeks


Chemical Engineering


DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 28020
Course type Bachelor

15.000,00 DKK