Enkeltfag Engelsk 5 ECTS

Ph.d.-kursus – Studiegruppe om Kvanteinformation

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To provide the participants with a fundamental knowledge of basic principles in quantum information technology and to relate this to new approaches in the field. The main focus in this journal club is on implementation in semiconductor structures.

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  • Conduct a systematic and scientific information search
  • Find relevant scientific literature within the field of quantum information
  • Establish an overview of theories and models in the literature
  • Explain results and conclusions from articles
  • Present the material in a clear and structured way
  • Give a critical evaluation of the presented theory/research
  • Argue scientifically in a discussion
  • Relate the discussed topics to own research


The scientific papers discussed in this course range from fundamental, highly-cited papers in the field of quantum information technology to recent papers dealing with advanced structures with implementations of quantum information technology. At each meeting, the students take turns at presenting the material. Which papers to be studied is continually discussed, such that also up-to-date scientific papers may be included.
In contrast to the course provided at DTU Fysik “Journal club in quantum optics” (7.5 ECTS), this journal club has a theoretical approach to quantum informatics and considers implementations in semiconductor materials.

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13 uger




DTU Lyngby Campus

Kursus ID 34094
Kursustype Ph.d.
Semesterstart Uge 5
Semester slut Uge 19
Dage fre 8-12

10.600,00 kr.