Single-Course Danish 5 ECTS

Introductory Environmental Laboratory and Field Course

Overall Course Objectives

To give the students an insight into environmental engineering research by planning, carrying out, presenting and reporting simple environmental engineering laboratory or field studies selected from among the sections at the department.

Learning Objectives

  • • Plan simple environmental engineering measurements for designated problem and possible location in collaboration with fellow students
  • Acquire the necessary background knowledge, theory and procedures to be able to carry out and plan simple environmental engineering measurements
  • Account for safety conditions for proper work in the departments laboratories or in the field
  • Collect environmental technical data from own completed sampling, field measurement and subsequent laboratory analysis
  • • Process own collected environmental data based on acquired theory and interpretation methods
  • • Report completed investigations in clear written form
  • • Presents orally problem and proposals for investigations
  • • Presents orally results and interpretations with subsequent discussion of own and other groups’ presentations

Course Content

Environmental research – goals and means, research activities in relation to the course assignments, basic theory for carrying out field and laboratory work, planning and carrying out laboratory/field work for selected subjects.

Teaching Method

Lectures, group work, field measurements, analysis in the laboratory



Introduction course on 2. semester. The course is oriented towards students on their first year of study at the BSc in Environmental Engineering.

Limited number of seats

Maximum: 60.

Please be aware that this course has a limited number of seats available. If there are too many applicants, a pool will be created for the remainder of the qualified applicants, and they will be selected at random. You will be informed 8 days before the start of the course, whether you have been allocated a spot.

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3 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 12003
Course type Bachelor
Semester start Week 23
Semester end Week 26
Days Mon-fri 8:00-17:00

7.500,00 DKK

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