Single-Course English 5 ECTS

Environmental Processes for MSc students

Overall Course Objectives

The overall aim of the course is to:
Get a quantitative understanding of important physical,chemical and microbiological processes that control:
– Concentrations of compounds in the environment
– Concentrations of compounds in environmental engineering reactors/technical installations
Create the foundation for more advanced courses within water technology and water pollution

Learning Objectives

  • Calculate concentrations in chemical equilibrium systems with acids and bases, chemical precipitation and complex formation reactions
  • Carry out equilibrium calculations in two-phase gas/liquid systems
  • Calculate concentrations in systems with sorption and ion exchange
  • Explain the content of specifications of water quality and be able to describe the concentrations of important components in water
  • Set up mass balances for natural and technical systems and be able to calculate characteristic times
  • Conduct calculations – based on mass balances – of transport of water components controlled by advection, diffusion and dispersion, including the transport in porous media
  • Interpretation of tracer experiments as a mean for characterizing the hydraulics of environmental systems
  • Carry out calculations of reaction kinetics in simple batch reactors
  • Calculate concentrations in reactors combining reaction kinetics and mass transport (reactor hydraulics)

Course Content

Mass balances,chemical equilibria,acids and bases, carbonate chemistry, chemical precipitation, complex formation,phase distributions in two- and three-phase systems (water, solid gas),redox systems,ion exchange,sorption. Flow in porous systems. Soil properties.

Recommended prerequisites

A basic course in chemistry (1st year chemistry course) and basic knowledge on Excel

Teaching Method

Lectures and exercises.



The course or 12102 is a prerequisite for the majority of the MSc courses offered by DTU Environment.

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13 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 12111
Course type Candidate
Semester start Week 35
Semester end Week 48
Days Wed 8-17

7.500,00 DKK