Single-Course Danish 5 ECTS

Advanced Mobile Application Development

Overall Course Objectives

To implement and deploy applications for mobile devices where the user interface and overall quality meets or exceeds current standards in the field.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate and analyze a design and work out the corresponding requirement specification (Knowledge and understanding)
  • Write an appropriate app architecture with optimal interaction with the mobile platform (Knowledge and understanding)
  • Implement a backend / server in the cloud, or use an existing backend (Skills)
  • Implement a protocol for network communication with appropriate caching and security mechanisms (Skills)
  • Prepare and implement an an interactions designs that fits with the design paradigms and guidelines on a specific mobile platforms (Knowledge and understanding)
  • Apply gestalt supportive animations, and gestures within touch-based user interfaces (Knowledge and understanding)
  • Produce necessary graphics for an app from a design presentation (Skills)
  • Find and use suitable 3rd party libraries (Skills)
  • Optimize an app to run smoothly (Skills)
  • Quality assurance of a mobile application (Skills)
  • Deploy/publish a mobile application and monitor crashes (Skills)

Course Content

• Design Guidelines on leading touch-based mobile platforms (iOS, Android)
• Gesture-based actions and their implementation
• Implementation and optimization of graphics for smooth display of animations and visual feedback
• Responsive design – user interfaces that adapt to the screen size
• Use of 3rd party libraries for visual and non-visual components
• Prototyping and using BaaS – Backend as a Service
• Security on mobile platforms
• Caching of network responses and handling of fluctuating network access
• Quality assurance – testing, crash statistics, test reports, usability testing

Additional subjects according to participant interests

Recommended prerequisites

62550, You have experience in app development (native Android in Kotlin or iOS app coded in Swift).

Teaching Method

Lectures and project work.



Faggruppe: AI, matematik og software
Valgfag : Eksport og Teknologi
Valgfag : IT og Økonomi
Valgfag : Softwareteknologi
Valgfag : Sundhedsteknologi

Native Android is used for exemplification.
The application developed should address sustainability where appropriate.

See course in the course database.





13 weeks


Engineering Technology


DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 62416
Course type Graduate Engineer
Time No teaching Autumn 2023

7.500,00 DKK