Single-Course Danish 5 ECTS

Introduction to Urban Planning

Overall Course Objectives

To give the students a basic knowledge of the sustainable urban planning methods relevant for the planning of cities, settlements and infrastructure. The students are expected to assess the problems and identify the appropriate physical and spatial solutions in relation to a specific local area or neighbourhood.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe urban planning current and historical development and its driving forces
  • Define the principle of “station close” and the role of public transportation in an urban plan
  • Calculate plot ratio and building density
  • Describe the Danish planning system
  • Analyse any location regarding physical condition, population, activities and functions
  • Analyse traffic-related issues in urban planning, including Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Make compact city strategies based on concideration of compactness and urban quality
  • Include decision-makers as well as stakeholders and citizens in the decision process
  • Recognise buildings from different time periods and their characteristics in terms of density, recreational area, orientation and building material
  • Address and explain urban challenges both in terms of both urban development and landscape
  • Obtain knowledge of sketching and idea development in relation to urban planning
  • Write a report with a logical structure that gives an adequate answer to an urban-planning question

Course Content

The theme is the interaction between city, citizens, infrastructure and transportation. The project work deals with specific localities in the Greater Copenhagen Region. Assessment of the possibilities of urban development within the specific localities, evaluation of the impact of transport and design of transport solutions are all part of the project. Most likely there will be conflicts related to the areas like urban densification exploiting local green areas.

Teaching Method

Project work in groups supported by lectures, seminars, excursions and field work



Research group: Production, Transportation and Planning
Bygningsdesign: 2. semester
Mobilitet, Transport og Logistik: 2. semester
Byggeri og Infrastruktur: Elective
Arktisk Byggeri og Infrastruktur: Elective

The course is taught by Associate Professor Victor Andrade

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3 weeks


Engineering Technology


DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 62324
Course type Graduate Engineer
Semester start Week 23
Semester end Week 26
Days Mon-fri 8:00-17:00

7.500,00 DKK