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Infrastruktur og design af globale kommunikationsnetværk

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The objective for this course is to provide the students with a network perspective overview of functions and elements as well as related standards which form the basis for the implementation of future integrated global communication networks.

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  • Identify the challenges of building and scaling global communication networks
  • Differentiate between physical and logical networks
  • Illustrate and compare different topologies for communication networks
  • Characterize traffic by relevant parameters
  • Asses control and management systems for large networks
  • Devise procedures for building networks providing high reliability
  • Explain the difference between quality of service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Describe the principles of providing sustainable communication network infrastructure
  • Analyze ongoing research in communication networks and its relation to legacy technologies
  • Present own findings in reports and oral presentations, and give constructive feedback to others


The focus of the course will be on providing the students of a general understanding of the complexity of the core and transport infrastructure. It will contain topics such as network topologies, network layering and stratification, reference models, complex communication systems, transmission and multiplexing protocols and their internal relation, logical vs. physical networks, traffic characterization, network resilience, network control and management, node architecture, energy efficiency, quality of service (QoS) and Quality of Experience, and transition from legacy to next generation networks. Assignments, groupwork, peer-evaluation and presentations are an integral part of the course.
At an appropriate level the course will incorporate topics from ongoing research activities within the department as well as guest lecturers from Danish industry.

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