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    DTU Board Education management team

    A good board education teaches you how to contribute to a company using your own knowledge. It teaches you how to review a strategy, how to ask the right questions and how to strengthen the weak points.

    Lars Kolind
    Experienced Board Member and Chairperson  
    DTU Board Education Executive Lecturer 

    Driving entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises

    Start a professional career as a board member. DTU Board Education combines solid, academic research with first-hand experience from top business executives and board experts, and provides you with knowledge and key skills to increase your leadership competencies.

    They say practice makes perfect, join DTU Board Education and get a chance to practice your board room skills with long time board members. 

    To learn more about your opportunities and get insights into DTU Board Education book a meeting with our Programme Director – press the button below:

    How is this programme different

    Programme Director Anne Malberg shares her perspectives on the DTU Board Education, and how we set us apart from other programmes.

    Hear our Professor and Director of DTU Entrepreneurship’s perspective

    Professor and Director of DTU Entrepreneurship shares his perspectives on the DTU Board Education.

    Hear our alumni’s perspective

    Alumni Anne Merete Skov Pedersen and Anders Damgaard share their experiences with DTU Board Education. How does a board function and do you get the tools needed to take a position in a board?


    The programme provides you with a broad understanding of the key responsibilities of a board member, an insight into the board room as well as start-up world, and live case training.

    You will be working with:

    • Personal board leadership: Focus on your leadership competencies through personal development and feedback sessions
    • Real-life cases: Practise your skills on real-life cases from start-ups, scaleups, SMEs, and future unicorns
    • Board position-matching: You will get an interview with a start-up for a potential board position
    • Executive network: Engage with DTU start-up and scale-up ecosystem, investors, business angels, board members and business leaders
    • Executive sessions: Be inspired by experienced board members
    • Executive feedback: Sparring and evaluation from experienced board members  

    Having a board is good for many things – but in my opinion as a founder – the three most valuable benefits are: safety, structure and sparring.

    Hanne Jarmer
    CEO & Founder of Go Dogo

    Download flyer

    Download flyer and get the more condensed and printer friendly information about this programme.

    What to expect from this programme

    Hear what you can expect from DTU Board Education and who you will get to meet and interact with during the programme.

    Impact approach

    The programme’s impact approach is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

    1. Board work: We apply the latest research results about board leadership in start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs into real board work during the programme
    2. Board basics: Get the knowledge of board basics such as core governance, legal responsibilities, innovation, and leadership
    3. Board Ecosystem: Meet board executives, investors and go to a board position interview to figure out where you will add most value

    Action-based learning in actual board meetings
    The education is founded on action-based learning, as we believe that lasting learning occurs when knowledge is applied to projects in collaboration with peers and key stakeholders.

    Therefore, the programme is a mix of lectures, teamwork, live board work sessions, coaching, feedback and dialogue with board start-up founders, executives, investors, experts, and DTU professors.

    A board member’s perspective

    Sophie Bech, Board Chairperson and Business Angle, explains what you will gain from clarifying your board competencies, what it take to be a board chair, and what makes a great board – in her opinion

    Educational focus areas

    The structure of this programme ensures that theories and methods are applicable in practice. The programme provides you with a broad understanding of the key responsibilities of a board member, an insight into the board room as well as start-up world, and live case training.

    Technology intensive start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs operate fundamentally differently from corporates which are not R&D intensive or operate in slow moving and low margin industries. An effective board must be able to bring the professionalism and connections of an established company and at the same time respect and understand the dynamic culture of a start-up company.

    DTU Board Education is an intensive education focusing on board governance, leadership, tech and entrepreneurship. It provides a solid foundation in core governance concepts that are essential to leading a board. The emphasis is on acquiring the skills and methods suitable for decision-making in a variety of contexts that a board can operate in.

    Download a pdf of below educational focus areas

    Practical board leadership training

    vides board leadership training through collaboration with DTU X-Tech. Participants will act as board members to a potential startup in the idea development phase and will meet their team for four 1-2 hour sessions. In addition, they will also attend three 1-hour 1:1 sessions focused solely on the board leadership development with executive coaches.

    Participant profile

    DTU Board Education is designed for potential board members who want to sit on boards of start-ups, scale-ups and small to medium sized enterprises.

    • Founders
    • Investors
    • Business angels
    • CEOs
    • Business developers
    • Innovators
    • Specialists
    • Entrepreneurial driven individuals
    • Experienced professionals looking to start a board career or wanting to further develop their board leadership skills

    Board membership is all about helping the company navigate that very narrow path between opportunity and risk. 

    Shomit Ghose
    Executive speaker and Silicon Valley Investor

    Fee and registration

    Fee: DKK 95.000

    The fee includes live cases, sparring with experienced board members, networking events, startup board position matching, catering and all materials.

    DTU reserves the right to make any adjustments to the participant payment.

    To register for the programme please fill out the registration form by pressing the button below.

    Send an e-mail to Anne M. Horsager, anmaho@dtu.dk, to get on the list for the next class starting in March 2024.

    Graduates of Cohort #3


    DTU Learn for Life
    Building 421C
    DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

    DTU Entrepreneurship
    Building 371
    DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

    Upcoming cohorts and dates

    We have two intakes a year, in February/March and September. Dates for the class starting in February/March 2025 will be updated as soon as they are available.

    Dates for Cohort #8 starting in September 2024

    September: 9-10 + 23-24

    October: 7-8 + 22

    November: 4-5 + 18-19 + 20

    December: 10 +12

    The DTU Board Education is composed of:

    8 onsite sessions from 8-18
    3 onsite session from 8-19
    2 onsite session from 8-20
    1 virtual sessions from 17-19
    1 optional onsite events
    3 x 1 hour personal sessions

    Please note, that teaching days on DTU Campus in Kgs. Lyngby are primarily on Mondays and Tuesdays expect from two Wednesdays.

    Download below overview in PDF.

    The teaching and case sessions in groups and plenary are facilitated by DTU Center for Entrepreneurship professors, experienced board members and advisors from the industry. We name these ‘Industry fellows’.


    Industry fellows and mentors

    Companies engaged

    logoer for samarbejdsvirksomheder - Board Education

    Case companies and contributers


    DTU Board Education is more than an education; it’s a journey. To help you get a feel of what the programme is like, we offer a variety of events, including masterclasses, information meetings and webinars.

    Join events

    DTU Executive Educations hosts a number of events throughout the year to give our alumni and potential participants an opportunity to explore a focused topic in depth.

    See events

    Meet our alumni

    Every year two classes graduate from DTU Board Education. Find out what our alumni think about their studies and what they gained from participating in the programme.

    Learn how to work with Founders and CEOs

    For our alumnae Anne-Marie Hall it was important to understand the journey of founders and CEOs on a strategic level.

    View video

    Learn about Do’s and Don’ts with DTU Board Education

    During the education, you get to work with a lot of practical examples. Hear what alumnus Bjarne Schøn gained from attending the DTU Board Education.

    View video

    Focusing on startups and scaleups

    According to our almunae Camilla Boesen, DTU Board Education is perfect, when working with startups and scaleups. Hear more about her experience with DTU Board Education, boards and startups in the video.

    View video

    Matched with a company from Day 1

    How is it to be matched with a real company and enter a board meeting from day one? Hear alumnus Niels Østenkær experiences with DTU Board Education.

    View video

    What to expect from the Board Education

    How does a board function and do you get the tools needed to take a position in a board? Hear alumna Anne Merete Skov Pedersen and alumnus Anders Damgaard’s experiences with DTU Board Education.

    View video

    Working with actual startups and board executives

    During the education, you get to work with startups, entrepreneurs and external companies and cases. Hear what alumnae Anne Merete Skov Pedersen and Alice Nielsen gained from attending the DTU Board Education.

    View video

    Get the firm framework to be a contributing part of a board

    While participating in the education, you get to work a wide variety of companies and high profile execs that allows you to expand your knowledge on being part of a board. Hear what alumnus Mikkel Brun Næsager learned while being part of DTU Board Education.

    View video

    Get an innovative board education with an internation outreach

    Throughout the education, you gain a bigger awareness of exactly what you can offer within a board and what your strongest competencies are. Hear what knowledge and updates alumna Anne Willemoes gained about board work while being part of DTU Board Education.

    View video

    Anne Willemoes

    Experience a truly diverse and innovative board education

    During the education, you get the possibility to recalibrate your board toolbox and combine past experiences with new ideas. Hear how alumnus Tarum Varma advises you to have fun during the education, as you get the opportunity to innovate your board work.

    View video

    Tarum Varma

    Learn about board work from other experts

    As a participant in the board education, you get the possibility to spare with – and learn from experts and board members from other fields than your own. Hear how alumnus Eva Riedel got inspired from working with people from outside of her own area of expertise.

    View video

    Eva Reidel

    Curious to see more?

    Visit our YouTube channel to view more videos about how to become a succesful board member, what you will gain from the education and what to expect – both seen from our alumnus and faculty’s perspective.

    In the media

    DTU Board Education is often featured in specialized magazines as well as in several outlets of the digital landscape. Here you can see some of our recent apparitions in the Danish media.

    Interview with two DTU Board Education alumni

    In this article from sn.dk – Sep 2021, two alumni talk about how the education opened a new chapter in their worklife.

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    MSL in the media

    Interview with alumna

    In this article from Avisen.dk – March 2021, former participant Hanne Breddam talks about how she got startet on the education and what she gained from it.

    Read article (in Danish)

    MSL in the media

    Professional board boosted robot startup

    This article from Techmanagement.dk – January 2021, focuses on the robot-startup Shape Robotics and how they advanced as a company, both internally and externally, by setting up a professional board.

    Read article (in Danish)

    MSL in the media



    February/March and September


    1 half-day virtual session, 13 full-day onsite sessions


    DTU Campus in Kgs. Lyngby




    95.000,00 DKK