Single-Course English 5 ECTS

Water quality in aquaculture

Overall Course Objectives

The overall aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding on water quality parameters in aquaculture environment: physical and chemical variables, fundamental chemical concepts and their relation to aquaculture water quality, and microbial groups and processes and their connections to physical and chemical water quality. Through theoretical and practical exercises, students should be allowed to analyze and interpret changes in water quality in aquaculture systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Perform safe work in the water chemistry laboratory.
  • Describe fundamental chemistry concepts related to aquaculture water quality.
  • Calculate masses, concentrations, and dilutions of substrates, chemical reaction rates and half-lives.
  • Analyze redox equations and reaction stoichiometry.
  • Conduct simple laboratory experiments to measure water quality parameters and describe laboratory test results in written reports.
  • Describe and categorize the key water quality parameters in aquaculture.
  • Summarize microbial groups and processes in aquaculture.
  • Explain the connections between microbial groups and processes and physical and chemical water quality.

Course Content

Water quality management in aquaculture is important, as the organisms produced in aquaculture systems, such as fish, shellfish, or algae, are sensitive to changes in physical, chemical, and biological parameters. Therefore, the water quality must be monitored and controlled to ensure good health, productivity, and quality of the organisms produced. This course consists of lectures providing the theoretical background on water quality parameters and fundamental processes, laboratory demonstrations and exercises to get hands-on experience on measuring water quality, and calculation exercises and group work assignments, where the theory is applied into real-life aquaculture conditions.

Teaching Method

Duration of course: 6 weeks 2x per week
6 weeks in the last period of the 13-weeks period

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13 weeks




DTU Hirtshals Campus

Course code 25346
Course type Candidate

7.500,00 DKK