Single-Course Danish 10 ECTS


Overall Course Objectives

To enable the student to combine analogue and digital techniques in the design of a small electronic circuit by:

• applying systematic methods for analysis of linear electronic circuits
• understanding functions of diodes and transistors.
• applying and constructing combinatorial circuits, counters and other simple synchronous sequential networks.
• implementing a design using discrete logic circuits.

Learning Objectives

  • analyse circuits containing resistors and sources using systematical methods
  • determine Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits and perform source transformations
  • calculate the charge and discharge behaviour of capacitors and inductors and describe the concepts of transient and steady-state responses
  • calculate currents and voltages in circuits containing ideal operational amplifiers
  • apply diodes and bipolar transistors in simple circuits
  • apply number systems binary arithmetic and codes
  • apply Boolean algebra and Karnaugh mapping in construction of simple logic circuits
  • analyse and construct synchronous state machines
  • apply datasheets for discrete digital components and calculate the currents and voltages in digital circuits
  • apply measurement methods and standard laboratory equipment to perform measurements on simple analogue and digital circuits.

Course Content

• DC: Characterisation of circuits with linear components
• Mesh-current and node-voltage analysis
• Thevenin and Norton equivalents
• Controlled sources
• Ideal operational amplifier
• Fundamental measurement techniques
• The diode, the zener diode
• The bipolar transistor, DC characteristics, large-signal models
• Boolean algebra, truth tables, Karnaugh mapping, number systems, binary arithmetics, codes
• Multiplexer, decoder, encoder, comparator, adder, flip-flops, synchronous state machines, counter
• Design and implementation of small systems containing a combination of analogue and digital components
• Documentation and report writing.

Teaching Method

Class lectures, group work, and lab-work.



There will be two voluntary tests during the course. The grades from these tests do not count in the final grade for the course.

In the 3-week period, a larger Design Build Project is made in the course 62733, combining knowledge from all of the 1st semester courses.

See course in the course database.





13 weeks




DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 30032
Course type Graduate Engineer
Semester start Week 35
Semester end Week 48
Days Mon 13-17, Thurs 8-12

15.000,00 DKK