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Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL™) Refresher Course 2024

Eager to refresh your Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership knowledge and reconnect with fellow alumni?

Join us for a transformative journey at the 2-day Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL™) Refresher Course 2024, where you’ll reconnect with fellow CEL™ alumni at DTU. Dive deep into the CEL™ toolbox, refine your skills, and unlock new insights. Engage in enriching discussions on AI/digitalization, sustainability, and organizational change mindset, and seize invaluable networking opportunities.

The CEL™ Refresher Course includes an alumni dinner on 24 April from 17:30-21:00.

Course highlights and speakers

  • CEL™ Continuing Education Journey: Tools, implementations, and learnings by Prof. Jason Li-Ying, DTU Entrepreneurship
  • CEL™ Learning plan and continuing education by Joanne Hyland, Founder, Innovation Group
  • Trends on AI for value creation in the industry by Prof. Thomas Bolander, DTU Compute
  • Incorporating AI/Digitalization in business development projects by Shabab Akhter, Rockwool Senior Data Scientist
  • From compliance to value creation – Building a sustainable corporation by Prof. Andreas Rasche, CBS
  • Integrating sustainability in business development by France Bourgouin, Head of ESG at A.P. Møller
  • Hard/Green Tech Growth Fund by Laurits Bach Sørensen, Senior Partner at Nordic Alpha Partners.

The first day will culminate with a networking dinner with a speech to CEL™ Alumni by Michael Ellekjær, Head of Executive Education, DTU Learn for Life.

Participant’s outcome

By enrolling in the CEL™ Refresher Course 2024, customers can expect to gain the following:

  • Enhanced Skills: Immerse yourself in the CEL™ toolbox to refine your skills within corporate entrepreneurship.
  • Updated Knowledge: Stay current with the latest industry trends, advancements, and best practices.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow CEL™ alumni at DTU Learn for Life, fostering valuable professional relationships.
  • Business Development Insight: Gain inspiration for effective business development strategies, leveraging AI/Digitalization, Sustainability, and an organizational change mindset.
  • Competitive Edge: Stay at the forefront of your industry, positioning yourself as a knowledgeable and adaptable professional.

“The main aspect that I take from the programme is that the management style and methods taught at CEL™ are not only applicable to innovation projects but also to any complex project that we meet in our daily life. Core team structure, business learning plan, implementation strategy, and targeted communication style to name a few that I keep using daily on strategic projects within our company.”

Agata Gallas-Hulin

Company’s outcome

Sending employees to the CEL™ Refresher Course 2024 offers numerous benefits for your company:

  • Enhanced skills and knowledge: Refreshed understanding of CEL tools enhances proficiency and work processes.
  • Updated understanding of key areas: Covers critical topics like AI/Digitalization, Sustainability, and organizational change mindset, enabling application of latest trends and practices.
  • Empowered employees: Deepened knowledge empowers employees to contribute meaningfully, enhancing problem-solving capabilities and innovation.
  • Improved business development: Knowledge gained directly impacts identifying market trends, technological advancements, and sustainable practices, facilitating adaptability to changing demands.
  • Networking opportunities: Provides valuable connections and collaborations, furthering prospects for growth.

I would say that every company working or wanting to work in innovation should send their employees, who have project ideas, to participate in a course such as the CEL™ programme. The programme offers them an accelerated start at these projects by giving them the tools and frameworks that they will not pick up otherwise.

Georg Timper

Who is the course relevant for?

Former CEL™ participants / sponsors (CEL™ alumni).

Practical information

Alumni dinner

The CEL™ Refresher Course includes an alumni dinner on 24 April from 17:30-21:00.


The teaching requires physical attendance at the following address:

DTU Learn for Life
Building 421, entrance C
2800 Kgs. Lyngby (Directions)


Teaching, discussions and educational material are in English.


Teresa Sabrina Salvati
Senior Programme Manager
(+45) 53 66 97 99

Faculty list

Staff list



24 April 9:00-17:00 & 25 April 9:00-16:30


DTU Lyngby Campus


12.500,00 DKK