Single-Course English 10 ECTS

Introduction to Satellite Systems

Overall Course Objectives

Students get an understanding of satellite systems and their applications, physical properties of the space environment and the systems engineering elements of a spacecraft project. This course gives the students the basics for further studies within aerospace technology.

Learning Objectives

  • make simple interpretations of images of the Earth
  • explain the effects high-energy radiation has on electronic circuits
  • explain the principles of launching a spacecraft into orbit in space
  • describe the dynamics and stability of a spacecraft
  • calculate available power from radiation from the Sun and reflections from Earth
  • determine surface materials to obtain thermal balance within a specified range of temperatures within the spacecraft
  • explain vibrations met during launch and mechanical design
  • make an overall design including main properties of components like solar arrays, power supply, cpu load and power.
  • explain overall functionality and properties of on-board software
  • explain quality assurance and project planning of a spacecraft project
  • calculate basic parameters for radiocommunication with a spacecraft.

Course Content

• Satellites – why and how?
• Launch into orbit around Earth
• Satellite systems and their functionality
• Phases of a space project.
• Ground segment and radio communication
• Spacecraft hardware and software architecture
• Power
• On-board computer and other hardware
• Attitude and orbit control systems
• Attitude determination
• Space environment: radioactivity, vacuum, thermal conditions
• Mechanical structure and mechanisms: requirements, tests and examples
• Applications.

Recommended prerequisites

Participants who have completed the mandatory courses of BSc in Electrotechnology, Physics and Nanotechnology, Mathematics and Technology, Network Technology and IT, or Earth and Space Physics and Engineering.

Teaching Method

Lectures and group work during the 13-week fall period.



The course is offered in a collaboration between several DTU departments, and in addition, there will be some lecturers from the industry.

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13 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 30300
Course type Candidate
Semester start Week 35
Semester end Week 48
Days Wed 8-17

15.000,00 DKK