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Impact From Life Science: Shaping Opportunities at the Intersection of Technologies

    Peer into the convergence of technologies
    Are you an R&D senior specialist, an industrial scientist, and/or a domain expert from industry and research and interested in learning from the latest technological developments within life sciences, then this 4-day course at DTU is for you.

    Many of today’s and tomorrow’s innovations happen where technologies intersect. We will explore how to lead the opportunity frontier coming out of life sciences and from other key enabling technologies such as advanced manufacturing and materials, nano-electronics and photonics, AI and cybersecurity. This is important because these technologies are the driving forces in Europe’s technological sovereignty agenda.

    The participants in the course will have unparalleled access to the latest research within and across life science and bioengineering from DTU, established companies and startups.

    An empowering experience at the intersection of life sciences and other technologies
    This course will provide you with tools to increase your impact within your organization and on your industrial sector. You will explore the state of the art across scientific opportunities and technological ecosystems, and hone leadership and networking skills to shape corporate agendas, influence business decisions and public policies.

    We have developed a novel set of learning methodologies for this course, which aim at giving you a unique and tailored experience with executive education for senior specialists and industrial scientists. We offer you an enriching and stimulating learning journey, where you will gain valuable insights through engagement with leading researchers, industry experts, startup founders and fellow learners, but also address your role as a leader in your field and as a domain expert.

    Nurture big opportunities
    You will engage with your peer domain experts as well as with top academics across disciplines and explore the possibilities that the convergence between these technologies reveal. Our best professors will be forming a faculty selected specifically for this course.

    Together with peers from across Europe and the inspiring faculty you will be able to discuss game-changing opportunities.

    Interested in participating?
    Sign up now or contact our Programme Manager if you want to learn more about this exceptional course or if you have any questions. Deadline for application is 25 October 2024. We look forward to seeing you!

    Join a European community of practice
    This course is just the beginning. By attending it, you will join a community of practice across industries and the best technical universities in Europe with deep experts from the following fields: advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, life-science technologies, micro/nano-electronics and photonics, AI, security and connectivity.

    This course is a prelude to the pioneering European executive programme for top tech engineers and experts, ELPIS
    “The European Leadership Program for Industrial Leadership” which will be launched in June 2025.

    Why Should You Take This Course?

    Are you ready to question the status quo? To combine your deep expertise and many years of experience in a specialized field or domain with the input of university experts and peers from other industries to formulate bold proposals for convergence of technologies for the benefit of your company?

    We invite you on an exceptional executive journey to explore current stakes and horizons in the development of technologies learning from leading life science companies and experts with top academics and peers. A journey during which participants will discuss significant inflection points and opportunities in their field.


    After completing the course, you will receive an executive certificate of participation from DTU.

    What will you learn?

    • Comprehensive understanding:
      Gain multifaceted comprehension of the broader field of life science, covering the technologies at play and looking into the groundbreaking interdisciplinary findings coming out of this field of research and gain insights from the industry.
    • Enabling technologies forge progress across the life science field:
      Gain an in depth understanding of how key enabling technologies are at play in advancing a broader field of life sciences.
    • Exploration of the role of entrepreneurship in life science advances:
      Explore student, research and industrial startups and deep tech spin-offs, and the role they play in advancing the field through technology.
    • Develop an understanding of leadership in convergence of technology:
      Develop your understanding of what it will take to move the enabling technology agenda ahead in your own organization or company, and indeed your entire industry.
    • Provoke opportunities:
      Relating the insights into new research to the core competencies of your organization, peer discussions help deepen your thinking, formulate a portfolio of hypotheses and think future-back.
    • Qualify and invest in opportunities:
      From skillsets requirements to business models and ecosystems, the features of the opportunities are contrasted, drawing inspiration from startups, scaleups and foundations with a long-term horizon.
    • Reflecting on and practicing the skills to influence corporate agenda and public policies:
      How do opportunities happen? What does it take from a research leader? What resources can you enlist? How can you continue developing the opportunity beyond this week?

    Participant Profile

    Participant profile

    The target group is senior specialists and scientists (also often referred to as “Knowledge Principals”) as well as domain experts from industry and research. Potential participants play a vital part in fostering innovation, driving technological advancements, and maintaining a competitive edge on behalf of their organization. The collaboration and synergy among these roles are crucial for the success of R&D efforts and the overall growth of the company. Participants could have roles such as:
    • Senior Specialists (R&D)
    • CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
    • Deep Knowledge Experts (Director titles with staff responsibility)
    • Knowledge Holders
    • CEL (Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership)
    • Technical founders of companies
    • High-Potentials and mid-career R&D experts

    Access requirements: You should ideally have 10+ years’ experience from a certain industry, where you are considered a domain expert in your own right. You hold a master’s degree in engineering or another STEM education, preferably a PhD, along with research experience from academia or industry. Moreover, having an endorsement from an executive management member would be advantageous for your training. Furthermore, a profound understanding of your organization’s technologies or expertise in a specialized area within the research and development domain is essential.

    A novel approach to drive scientific leadership

    We have developed a novel approach specifically for the senior specialist to drive scientific leadership.
    The novel pedagogy for the ELPIS program consists of:

    • A science leadership mindset, rooted in the language of science, and promoting specific attitudes and minset, such as curiosity, questioning one’s assumptions, evidence-based rigor, combinatorial approaches, communicating the complex in simple terms,  humor and optimism.
    • An opportunity creation process, reflected in the sequence of activities during each and across all modules, from uncovering industry or technology inflection points, to generating provocative insights, turning insights into opportunities, calibrating and experimenting to refine the opportunities, and aligning opportunities with the innovation agenda,
    • A careful mix of activities to “walk the talk”, including keynotes and presentations, live cases, workshops, peer learning, networking events and exercises on influence/partnering, aiming to create or refine actual opportunities for your company.


    We use an approach to the 4-day course with the main objective to carve out a landscape for opportunity creation for the participants. With you, we aim to uncover relevant “Industry and Technology Inflection Points in Life Sciences”, and by generating provocative curiosity, we aim at providing you with insights to take home to your company and industry. By drawing inspiration from startups and industry leaders, and from engaging in peer and expert dialogue, we seek to chart out a specialist leadership pathway that will bring you insights to influence the innovation agenda in your expert field or domain.

    • Day 1 Setting the Stage: Life Sciences as an opportunity field
      Featuring a keynote speaker from DTU on how life sciences shape the future opportunity field. We will examine your role as a domain expert in leading developments in technology and engage with the EU agendas for research and technology and how they drive and support business opportunities and innovation.
    • Day 2 Becoming Engaged: Provoking a set of opportunities
      We will engage with a panel of distinct speakers from DTU life science departments that will bring up the most recent developments in key enabling technologies that drive development in life science. Furthermore we will enter into dialogue with a group of life science and bioengineering startups about the need for constant exchange between research and industry.
    • Day 3 Becoming Invested: Zooming in on particular opportunities
      Visiting the Danish life science and bio solutions ecosystem, we will talk with key representatives about creating opportunities at the intersection of technologies and science at leading companies as well as examining the role of private foundations in pushing research.
    • Day 4 Developing Leadership: Making opportunities happen
      How can you as a senior specialist and industrial scientist develop your leadership within R & D and product development to shape the corporate agenda. We will examine your role as a research leader and discuss how you can contribute most effectively to converting technologies for innovation.

    The Faculty

    Discover the latest in life science research from the DTU life sciences departments such as Bioengineering, HealthTech, Chemistry and BioSustain: A faculty handpicked for this course consisting of the most senior academics will present the state of the art in the field.

    Academic lead of the course

    Keynote speaker DTU

    Panel Facilitator

    Faculty Key Enabling Technology

    Faculty deep tech startups

    DTU Science Park 

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    Learn for Life


    4 days


    DTU Lyngby Campus

    Start 11 November 2024
    End 14 November 2024

    33.500,00 DKK