Enkeltfag Engelsk 2.5 ECTS

Scientific Article Writing

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At the end of this course, the students will able to effectively write and publish a scientific paper in the primary literature.

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  • identify the constitutive elements of a good article
  • initiate publication (identifying the ‘story’, identifying and interacting with co-authors)
  • prepare the outline of a paper
  • choose the right the journal to publish his/her work
  • design figures and tables
  • prepare the core sections of a manuscript (introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion)
  • choose a title and prepare the abstract
  • design a graphical abstract
  • approach manuscript submission and revision


We will cover the following topics:
1. The defensible story?
2. Preliminaries: Authorship/Ethics, What is a scientific paper?
3. Choosing the right journal. Guide to authors.
4. Outline of a scientific paper.
5. Preparing the figures/tables.
6. Preparing the text.
7. Submitting the manuscript/Revising the manuscript.

Anbefalede forudsætninger

The students must have sufficient command of written scientific English. Evidence of English proficiency may be requested (e.g. attestation of attendance to an English course or equivalent)


The course relies on active student participation and regular writing assignments. The instructors will lead seminar-type discussions. Published articles will be analyzed as assignments, followed by common discussions. In the second part of the course, the students will prepare elements of their own manuscripts and give and receive feedback. It is essential that the students have material that they can use to initiate the drafting of a scientific paper.


The course is primarily for Ph.D. students in the Department of Environmental Engineering. Therefore students from other disciplines can be only accepted if there are seats left and if their research topic is not too distant from Environmental Engineering. Please contact the course coordinator (arde@env.dtu.dk) in November-December 2022 to verify your eligibility (please indicate your field of research and the time since starting your PhD) and check seat availability.


Minimum 6, Maksimum: 24.

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