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Modellering af risiko for urbane oversvømmelser

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To enable participants to model what happens once rain events exceed the capacity of the urban drainage systems and the assumptions for modelling the storm water runoff with hydrodynamic pipe models no longer holds. To do this, the participants will learn how to extend a MIKE pipe model with a 2 dimensional hydrodynamic surface model (MIKE) and to understand the uncertainties related to this sort of models. Finally the participants will learn how to perform urban flood risk assessments including the definitions of hazards, vulnerabilities, and exposure. It is assumed, that students are familiar with basic GIS analysis and formats used by the ArcGIS software, as well as with the application of 1D hydrodynamic models.

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  • Understand the processes leading to flooding in urban areas
  • Perform GIS analysis of Digital Terrain Models/Digital Elevation Models to identify the vulnerable areas of a city in regards to flooding
  • Create a 1d-2d hydrodynamic model for flood modelling
  • Perform screening analysis by means of hand calculations and ID simulations to identify suitable adaptation options
  • Document suitable the solution using MIKE+
  • Calculate expected annual damage based on flood simulations
  • Understand the definitions of hazards, vulnerabilities, and exposure in an urban flood context
  • Explain how to perform an urban flood risk assessment


Urban flooding, advanced GIS analysis, urban drainage systems, MIKE+, 1d-2d hydrodynamic models, Expected Annual Damage.

Anbefalede forudsætninger

12122, Basic GIS knowledge


A mixture of lectures and group work. The course requires active participation in group work and discussions in class. A central part of the course is unsupervised group work in the data bar on various cases. During this time the groups are expected to help each other towards understanding and solving the problems at hand.



Minimum 6, Maksimum: 30.

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