Need Help With Acting On Your Sustainability Strategy?

Master in Sustainable Leadership – Free Consultancy Project

Does your company have sustainability ambitions or a sustainability strategy, but is struggling to fully act on this agenda? Then you have the opportunity to submit your company to this project opportunity and receive consultancy help from the participants of the Master in Sustainable Leadership programme.

This project is in partnership with DTU + Lederne’s Master in Sustainable Leadership programme.

The participants in the executive master programme are leaders and sustainability influencers ranging within various sectors and industries, who are about to specialize in sustainable leadership. As part of the teaching program we invite you and your company to be part of a consultancy project led by the participants of the Master in Sustainable Leadership programme.

The project will help participating companies understand the barriers they are facing when they try to create a sustainability transition within their companies, and to identify a starting point for overcoming these barriers and better achieving their sustainability goals. 

Would you like this opportunity for your organization – and can you say yes to the criteria below? Then apply to be a part of the MSL project. Participation is free of cost for you and your company.

Deadline for applying is by 22 December 2022.


  • A clearly identified starting point for taking action on your sustainability agenda, that can overcome the current barriers that you are facing with your sustainability goals.
  • A detailed understanding of the ecosystem in which you operate, and where you may face challenges when executing your sustainability agenda.

To participate in this project, you must:

  • Have a sustainability strategy and sustainability goals that the company wants to achieve
  • Have an initial idea of where the barriers are to achieving your sustainability goals

Additionally, you must meet the following operational requirements:

  • Key stakeholders are willing and able to participate in the project (e.g. company leadership, department leadership, or team leadership, depending on the scope of the project and size of the company)
  • More than 5 employees in the company
  • Located within one hour of Copenhagen
  • Ability to collaborate in English


  • 1 March 2023, morning: MSL groups (of 3 to 4 participants) visit your company to understand strategic direction and challenges regarding sustainable transitions
  • 2 March 2023, morning: MSL groups meet with key leadership and other stakeholders to fill in informational gaps
  • 3 March 2023, afternoon: All participating companies join the MSL participants for final presentations on their findings and recommendations


To express your interest in participating in this project, please fill out the below form by 22 December 2022 and the MSL Program Directors will be in touch. For any questions, please contact MSL Director of Practice Jackie Stenson at

Want to learn more about the Master in Sustainable Leadership programme?

Master in Sustainable Leadership classroom

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