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Introduktion til Balmorel

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In this course the students will learn how to perform analyses with the energy system model, Balmorel.

Balmorel is a model of a national or international power system including district heating systems. It is implemented as an optimization model, mainly linear with integer elements according to options.

The model is an open source model and available on a home page along with a full model description and documentation of analyses (www.balmorel.com). Balmorel has been used for a wide range of analyses documented in project reports available on the model website and in journal papers.

Based on the assumption that perfect market conditions exist the model maximizes social welfare, considering operational costs, annualized investment costs and users’ utility. Operational costs include fuel costs, CO2 quota costs as well as operation and maintenance costs. Taxes, supports and other policy instruments may be included. Given a number of restrictions, the model may optimize investments in new production as well as transmission capacity and the operation of plants. Prices such as the electricity price can be found from the marginal values of restrictions.

The model is designed to cover several countries. Each country consists of one or more regions, between which electricity exchange is restricted due to limited transmission capacities. Each region, in turn, consists of one or more district heating areas, between which no exchange of heat is allowed.

The model considers one or more years, and the time resolution within a year may be hourly or using aggregated time segments. Time series on hourly time resolution are given as input for electricity and heat demand, as well as for power production from wind, hydro and other renewable sources. During model run these series may be aggregated to lower time resolution.

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  • to understand and explain the model structure
  • to interpret and explain the main equations (mathematically and orally)
  • to understand and explain how add-ons are developed and used
  • to understand end explain aggregation of time and geography
  • to choose critically between the many different options when applying the tool
  • to perform systematic error finding
  • to apply version management
  • to analyze energy systems with the model including analysis of economic policy measures
  • to reflect critically on results and use of model and key assumptions


The course comprises lectures, student presentations, discussions and assignments. More specifically the course will cover the following themes:
– Background and overview of Balmorel
– Balmorel and other models – how do we choose
– Equations in Balmorel including slack variables
– Add-ons
– Options and aggregation
– Boundaries
– Policies
– Data structuring
– Error search
– Input and Output handling
– Version tracking

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Forelæsninger, studenterpræsentationer, diskussioner og opgaver



You are encouraged to bring a computer with GAMS installed. Student license for GAMS will be provided for the course if necessary.
The course will cost 1500 DKK for PhD students from EU, which covers lunch every day and dinner one evening. For other PhD course participants, the course will cost 10000 DKK.


Maksimum: 20.

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