Enkeltfag Engelsk 5 ECTS

Introduktion til renrums-baseret mikrofabrikation

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The overall aim of the course is to provide you with theoretical background and hands-on experience in the most common experimental techniques used for Silicon microfabrication. You will be introduced to microfabrication methods such as photolithography, etching, thin film deposition and characterization techniques such as SEM and profilometry. During the course students will fabricate a working pressure sensor and characterize it in the DTU Nanolab cleanroom. This will enable you to design a fabrication process, draw a lithographic mask and work safely in the DTU Nanolab cleanroom.

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The course has a theoretical part and an experimental part. During the experimental part the students will fabricate and characterize a working piezoresistive pressure sensor. Experimental work will cover the following topics:

• Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
• UV lithography
• Chemical wet etch
• Reactive Ion Etch
• Physical Vapor Deposition
• Lift Off
• Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Probe station based electrical device characterization

In the theoretical part, the physics, chemistry, and technology of the fabrication processes
used in modern nano fabrication is described. Subjects covered are:

• All of the above and
• Plasma Enhanced CVD
• Substrate-materials: Silicon and Silica
• Material modification: Ion-implant and doping-diffusion, annealing
• Bonding: anodic bonding, fusion bonding
• Process integration
• Process simulation

For the exam the students will present the work they have done in the cleanroom and they will present the measured data from their pressure sensors.


Hands-on instructions, lectures, e-learning, exercises, and project work.



Minimum 6, Maksimum: 12.

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