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Linux server og netværk

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To give the student sufficient theoretical and practical understanding and knowledge to design and implement a local network, including a server of own choice, connected to the Internet using PCs and VM’s running Linux as the platform for both workstations and servers. Also cloud administation and operation is discussed.

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  • Operate Linux from the command line
  • Describe the Linux file system, including the protection system
  • Perform simple system administrator task such as user administration, access control, etc.
  • Create and maintain a log book for the server
  • Identify the possible threats to the security of a workstation and a server
  • Specify and implement proper contermeasures to the identified threats
  • Specify and implement methods to assertain the continuing operation of the server in spite of e.g. power failures, planned or otherwise
  • Describe the protocol(s) applicable to the chosen server
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the chosen server relative to similar servers
  • Discuss cloud administration and operation, including pros and cons of using cloud
  • Demonstrate the proper operation of the server (testing)


Workstation installation – turn your laptop into a working Linux computer

Linux usage: Users; file systems and file system structure; essential commands. Graphical desktops.

Networks: Linux in a networking environment: Structure and configuration of the networking software.

Build your own system: Install packages: From source code (tar, ./configure, make, make install) or package managers: dpkg, RPM etc.

Basic security: threats, prevention, detection.

Servers: Choose your type of servers (file, mail, print, name, web, DHCP, Samba, database);

Cloud: Linux in a cloud environment; administration and operation

Build and secure the chosen server.

Anbefalede forudsætninger

Knowledge corresponding to a Data Communication class and programming skills


50% of the time will be used by lectures and discussions which will cover the theoretical aspects.

The practical part will fall in two parts: workstation installation and set-up will be done individually whereas server building will be done as a course assignment in groups of up to three students.

Selected course assignments will be handed in and will be starting point for the exam.

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