Single-Course Danish 10 ECTS

Ship design

Overall Course Objectives

To give the student a thorough knowledge and experience in the design of different types of ships. In this to give the student knowledge about the arrangement of ships and their function.

Learning Objectives

  • describe all common ship types and their technical characteristics as functions of their mission,
  • explain all the most important rules and regulations that apply to the arrangement and equipment of ships,
  • describe the arrangement of a ship and the different systems on board,
  • from a naval architect’s point of view outline the different types of operations, such as anchoring, mooring, cargo handling and fire fighting,
  • do calculations (with commercial computer programs) of stability, loading conditions and propulsion,
  • do calcuations of (specific) energy consumption, smoke emissions and energy efficiency design index (EEDI),
  • describe the process of ship design,
  • design a ship,
  • draw a general arrangement plan to a professional standard,
  • write a technical report with main body report, outline specification, general arrangement plan and appendices.

Course Content

Ship owner, shipping, ship types, main dimensions, hull lines, general arrangement, propulsion, loading conditions, hydrostatics, intact and damage stability, international and national rules and regulations, environmental protection including energy efficiency design index (EEDI), machinery, aesthetics.
The subjects are treated by application of methods within hydromechanics and CAD/CAE.
The methods learned are applied in the design of a ship to given ship owner’s specification. Commercial CAD/CAE programs are applied including dedicated programs for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analyses of ship hulls.

Recommended prerequisites

41202/41201, Basic naval architecture, including basic hydrostatics, stability, resistance and propulsion.

Teaching Method

Lecture modules and project work.


Not specified

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13 weeks


DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 41271
Course type Bachelor
Semester start Week 5
Semester end Week 19
Days Mon 13-17, Thurs 8-12

15.000,00 DKK