Single-Course English 10 ECTS

Advanced microwave techniques

Overall Course Objectives

To enable the participants to analyze and design analogue RF and microwave circuits using transmission lines, active and passive components, resonators, and linear and nonlinear hybrid and monolithic integrated circuits.

Learning Objectives

  • analyze microwave circuits containing transmission lines
  • use S-, Z-, Y-, ABCD parameters for the analysis of microwave networks
  • design matching networks for microwave active and passive circuits
  • understand the design of microwave low-noise amplifiers
  • design microwave filters, resonators and couplers
  • use circuit analysis techniques for nonlinear microwave circuits
  • design and analyze mixer and oscillator circuits
  • use coupled-line theory of even-odd mode excitation
  • apply CAD tools for the design and analysis of microwave circuits
  • knowledge of active microwave semiconductor devices.

Course Content

Repetition of transmission line theory, analysis of synthesis of planar transmission lines. Microwave network analysis. Impedance transformation and matching. Passive RF and microwave components. Resonators and filters. Nonlinear circuit analysis. Active microwave devices and circuits, design of microwave transistor amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators. Use of CAD for microwave circuit design and analysis.

Recommended prerequisites

31405/31415/31400/30400/31035/31412/31418, Wireless Communications, RF Communications Circuits, and Electromagnetics. Knowledge of semiconductor devices’ structure and operation is an advantage.

Teaching Method

Lectures, projects and problem-solving.


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13 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 30420
Course type Candidate
Semester start Week 5
Semester end Week 19
Days Mon 13-17, Thurs 8-12

15.000,00 DKK