Single-Course English 10 ECTS

Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscale Materials Physics

Overall Course Objectives

To give the student a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts of condensed matter physics and of nanometer scale materials physics with the goal of establishing a systematic basis for the development of advanced engineering materials and functional structures.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe condensed matter qualitatively.
  • Operate with the energy concept and the crystal momentum in condensed matter.
  • Operate with crystal lattices and symmetries both in real space and in the reciprocal space (momentum space).
  • Apply quantum mechanics on condensed matter to describe scatttering of waves in crystals and to describe the eigen-states and the eigen-energies in systems with periodic boundary conditions.
  • Construct theoretical models of the electronic, mechanical and thermal properties both in the single-particle picture and in systems with electron-electron correlations (magnetism).
  • Apply the theoretical models to calculate the characteristic properties of materials (e.g. sound velocity, specific heat, electrical and themal conductivities, magnetic and dielectric susceptibilities).
  • Apply the theoretical models on a number of semiconductor devices of technical interest to calculate the electrical and optical properties.
  • Analyze problems in condensed matter and select and apply the appropriate models.
  • Analyze, select and apply condensed matter methods and quantum mechanics on nanoscale systems which exhibit size quantization.
  • Recognize and apply professional terminology in English.

Course Content

Crystal lattices, reciprocal space, and X-ray diffraction, Phonons, heat capacity and heat conduction. Electronic structure, free-, nearly-free-, and tight-binding models. Chemical bonding, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, van der Waals bonding and metallic bonding. Semiconductors and semiconductor devices. Transport theory and optical properties of metals and semiconductors. Magnetism in insulators and metals. Mean-field theory.

Recommended prerequisites

10034/10018/10036/10041/31400/10102/10104, Thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics

Teaching Method

Lectures, tutorials and experiments

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13 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 10303
Course type Bachelor

15.000,00 DKK