Single-Course 5 ECTS

DTU’s Advanced Operations Research PhD Summer School

Overall Course Objectives

To describe, understand and apply methods and techniques related to this years’ advanced topic in Operations Research, in order to create new knowledge using these methods and techniques in a new context related to their own field of research.

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Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the main research problems related to the year’s Advanced Operations Research Topic (AORT)
  • Describe some of the main solution approaches to tackle this year’s AORT
  • Argue for using one solution approach over another for a specific problem, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches belonging to this year’s AORT
  • Solve challenges related to the AORT using scripting software like Julia or Python
  • Argue for the benefits and disbenefits of applying different techniques related to the AORT for a specific problem context
  • Develop ideas for new (small) extensions of this year’s AORT, either in the form of changes to the tools or new applications
  • Appraise these ideas in a toy-problem setting, through implementation and evaluation of results
  • Report the obtained results structured, comprehensively, briefly, clearly, in a critically evaluating/concluding way, and of course also in accordance with good practice for a written presentation within the discipline

Course Content

Operations Research is specialized in solving complex decision problems, resulting in advising what optimal decisions to take. This summer school unites DTU and external experts in an effort to share their knowledge within their fields with future experts (e.g. PhD students), on an advanced level. The aim of the course is to introduce these future experts to the year’s Advanced Operations Research Topic (AORT), make them familiar with this domain, give them hands-on exercises to familiarize themselves with the area and prepare them to understand the latest development in the state-of-the-art, with the aim that they could take this knowledge and create new knowledge within their own research topic through synergies with the AORT.

In addition, the course aims at community building. Therefore, half a day is reserved for focus on community building among the participants.

Teaching Method

The scope of the course concerns advanced topics within the field of operations research. The course will contain lectures and hands-on sessions taking place physically at DTU. The course is targeted toward physical attendance at DTU.


Limited number of seats

Minimum: 20, Maximum: 80.

Please be aware that this course has a minimum requirement for the number of participants needed, in order for it to be held. If these requirements are not met, then the course will not be held. Furthermore, there is a limited number of seats available. If there are too many applicants, a pool will be created for the remainder of the qualified applicants, and they will be selected at random. You will be informed 8 days before the start of the course, whether you have been allocated a spot.

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13 weeks




DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 42147
Course type PhD

10.600,00 DKK

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