Executive Education Event

Masterclass: Energy Transition

What does the energy transition mean for society? 

In this exclusive masterclass, you will get insights into the challenges of energy transition. What does the energy transition mean for society? Are you and your business prepared for what is expected to be the largest economic transformation the world has ever seen? 

Denmark and the majority of the world’s nations have committed to net zero emissions by 2045-2060, meaning that there will be a rapid transition from fossil fuels, the main source of greenhouse gases. The need for sustainable forms of power has been brought into sharper focus as Europe looks for ways to shake off dependence on Russian gas.

Most people acknowledge that change is on its way and companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. However, it seems that the reality of phasing out oil and gas is yet to fully hit home. Likewise, it is difficult to demonstrate significant progress in averting serious climate change.

This Masterclass will first present the basic facts on emissions and low-carbon forms of power and then focus on potential economic solutions, particularly with respect to where future value may lie for businesses. Finally, we will discuss what leaders need to know and how should they act to be successful.

This MBA-level masterclass will be presented by Dr. David G. Quirk, Visiting Scientist at DTU Offshore.

Where and when?

Date and time: Thursday, October 13 2022, from 16:00-17:30

Location: Learn For Life – DTU Campus, Kollegiebakken, building 421 – Entrance C

As there will be limited seating, we recommend you to register for the masterclass as soon as possible.



DTU Learn for Life, Lyngby Campus





Start 13. October 2022