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Webinar: How to get the perfect board position

Do you want to know how to get the right board position, based on your unique competencies and accomplishments?

Join us 16 August from 16:30 – 17:30 for this webinar to learn more!

The fit between a company and its board members is crucial for success. At this event, Laura Vilsbæk Karina Rothof Brix, Thomas J. Howard and Jes Broeng will present how they attract the right board positions and bring their unique competencies into play. 

Laura Vilsbæk is a board and advisory board member of ten different companies, and after joining her first board at an age of 38, she started Nyibestyrelsen.dk to help others find their way to the board room.

Karina Rothoff Brix has experience from boards, advisory boards and has been part of the Innovation Fund’s expert panel since 2017. Karina has also founded several companies and organizations, developed apps and authored books.

Anne Malberg Horsager, Programme Director, will ensure you get insights into the DTU Board Education.

At the webinar you will:

  • Learn about how to use your competencies in the right board  
  • Get insights into board leadership development
  • Get an overview of the programme content and structure
  • Get a feel of the Board Education vibe
  • Get answers to your questions

16:30   Welcome by Thomas J. Howard, Associate Professor at DTU Entrepreneurship
16:35   Q&A and presentation of DTU Board Education, Anne Malberg Horsager, Programme Director
16:55   Laura Vilsbæk on “How I created my board career”
17.05   Karina Rothoff Brix on “How I created my board career”
17.15   Panel debate and questions from the audience
17.30   The webinar ends

Curious about the DTU Board Education programme and the module dates for 2021? Click here.


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16 August 16:30-17:30