Single-Course English 5 ECTS

Module 3: Value creation in pharma- and biotechnology

Overall Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to teach the students how to create value our of new discoveries and innovations.

Learning Objectives

  • estimate the novelty of a new discovery in an IPR perspective.
  • decide if patenting is the optimal way to obtain value of a new discovery.
  • judge the economic potential of a new discovery.
  • estimate the resource saving or result promoting potential of a new discovery.
  • decide the optimal way of creating value of a new discovery.
  • write an implementation plan of a novel discovery.
  • present the implementation plan for external stakeholders in order to get feedback.
  • interact efficiently in a team work during the project writing process.

Course Content

The course will use the results obtained by the participants during their Master education or projects as examples. The participants will be introduced to general Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) theory with special focus on the bio/pharma area. The course participants will further be introduced to different views on value creation and how to evaluate the potential of inventions and discoveries in industrial-/commercial- as well as research contexts, with the use of examples from the real world.
The participants will be introduced to the basics of creating a funding plan but also how to estimate and describe the value of implementing new discoveries or improved processes. The participants will later work in groups and use an innovation or discovery obtained during one of the group participants master thesis results as their object of interest.

The participants must evaluate the potential of the given object and the end result must be a plan of how to obtain value of the given object. This can be either in the form of a spin-out company or other means. Another option is a report that describes how the discovery can otherwise create value. In all cases the final report must contain a plan of implementation with milestones, resources needed (a draft budget) and expected benefits in a timeline view. The participants will be expected to take personal contact to potential stakeholders, not previously approached, in order to get feedback on their thoughts, and document the outcome.
All students must propose a project on the first day. Groups of 4-5 students will be formed according to the students’ selection of the most interesting projects.

Teaching Method

Lectures, group work, project



Ideally, you have defended your master thesis project in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Biotechnology or equivalent educations.
If you have not started or completed your project, you are still welcome to join the course.

Please note that all students should have a “case” to eventually use as a course project. This case can be the master project, a new invention or any project/idea with commercial potential.
If you are uncertain whether your “case” is acceptable, please contact the course coordinators before registration.

Make sure that your supervisors are aware that you will present the case in a classroom and, especially if you come from industry, make sure to have a written confirmation that you can use such a case (by email, for example).
If you do not have a case to present, you will be asked to give a preference on which projects you would like to work with.

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3 weeks


Health Tech


DTU Lyngby Campus

Course code 22179
Course type Candidate

7.500,00 DKK