Single-Course Danish 10 ECTS

Sustainability, mobility, and society

Overall Course Objectives

The course is an introduction to the value creation and impact of transport on the environment, economic development, and society at large. The course covers the relationships between sutainability, mobility and society (e.g. commerce, manufacturing, quality of life, and culture).

Learning Objectives

  • Explain different transport modes, their typical applications, technology development, and political issues.
  • Explain basic concepts of national development: urban development, industrial development and supply chain
  • Define sustainability and measure the sustainability of development forms and transport services, especially in greenhouse gases (CO2)
  • Explain fundamental sustainable concepts and analize a transport problem according to these concepts.
  • Study a selection of transport reports and identify their strong and weak points with supporting arguments
  • Explain the process and content in an EIA (environmental impact analysis) study, in Danish “VVM”
  • Utilize geographic information systems to create maps and to measure transport service accessibility
  • Study a loosely defined problem formulation within mobility, including analysis of geographic data, and propose and defend a mobility solution with maps created by the student
  • Can write technical reports and present report results orally

Course Content

The course introduces concepts of economic development and environmental impact, where transport is a deciding force in the future development of cities and supply chains. Basic concepts of transport are explained and the course focuses on how transport directs development and determines the consumption of resources and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Teaching Method

Lectures, project assignment, classroom teaching and final exam



Research group: Production, Transportation and Planning
Mobility, Transport, and Logistics 1. semester

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13 weeks


Engineering Technology


DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 62623
Course type Graduate Engineer

15.000,00 DKK