Single-Course English 5 ECTS

International Business Environments and Operations

Overall Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to develop the student’s ability – both independently and particularly in a team – to work systematically with business development in a global and sustainable context. The student should gain an understanding of the complexity of the global business environment and changing world order, including international trade, emerging markets, country evaluation and selection, marketing globally, and an appreciation for the cultural factors that impact business practices and strategy.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the factors that affect international business.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the challenges in the international business operating environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the forces driving globalization/slowbalization
  • Be able to explain the major socio-cultural behavioral practices affecting international business.
  • Understand the challenges of business development in a sustainable, shared value (Porter & Kramer) context
  • Demonstrate an understanding for developing strategies for entering new markets, building international collaboration, and managing global operations.
  • Explain the principles and practices of exporting and importing, and trade theory.
  • Analyze resources, capabilities, and competencies.
  • Focus on core and critical problems in connection with developing and implementing marketing programs.

Course Content

International business opportunities, challenges, and strategic implications
Environmental scanning for market selection, including emerging markets opportunities and challenges
Modes of entry, trade barriers, and countertrade
Distribution, direct investment, and collaboration strategies
Key metrics for Management Information Systems (MIS), including critical success factors (CSF’s), key performance indicators (KPI’s), and efficiency and effectiveness
Building and nurturing international relationships
Application of international business concepts and theories in real-world scenarios
Case studies of international business successes and failures
Analysis-synthesis and other methodologies

Teaching Method

Lectures, discussion, group work, presentations, guest speakers from business



Professional group: Business development
Export & Technology: 5th semester Chemical Engineering & International Business: 3rd semester

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13 weeks


Engineering Technology


DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 62235
Course type Graduate Engineer
Semester start Week 35
Semester end Week 48
Days Fri 13-17

7.500,00 DKK