Single-Course Danish 10 ECTS

Urban Water and Roads

Overall Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to introduce the student to a local area’s infrastructure, understood as roads, paths and parking as well as waste water supply and rainwater drainage, and based on soil conditions.

In this course you learn to analyse, plan and project good, up-to-date and sustainable road and utility facilities.

The students must:
– be able to familiarize yourself with the explanation and provisions of a local plan and be able to use these prerequisites when preparing a proposal for the layout of the infrastructure in a local area,
– acquire basic knowledge of modern municipal infrastructure for traffic, roads, water and drainage systems,
– acquire basic skills in the design of road and traffic facilities as well as drainage systems and rain water handling,
– acquire skills in preparing projects to improve existing infrastructure
– able to use the profession’s digital forms of communication
– and acquire tools to constructively participate in and contribute to the group’s cooperation.

Learning Objectives

  • Know and apply relevant parts of the municipal plan as well as the local plan.
  • Describe and analyze a project organization for an infrastructure project.
  • Identify and locate traffic problems and prepare solutions for traffic problems.
  • Carry out overall planning and prepare layout proposals for a local area’s roads and parking.
  • Can design selected parts of road construction in urban areas.
  • Carry out overall planning and prepare layout proposals for a local area’s waste water and rainwater.
  • Plan and design elements for surface solutions for rainwater.
  • Plan and design elements within conduit systems for drainage using manual calculation methods.
  • Develop schedule and economic estimate for the design and construction.
  • Communicate and argue for the assignment in writing and orally, with focus on digital tools.
  • Explain team cooperation and developments.

Course Content

In this course, the focus is on being able to project parts of infrastructure facilities.

Physical planning:
– Municipal plan
– Local plan
– Waste water plan
– Traffic plan

Traffic and Roads:
– Road users.
– Content of the plans on roads, paths and parking.
– Traffic planning and spatial planning
– Availability
– Traffic safety and traffic engineering
– Design of roads and paths.

Water and Environment:
– The content of the plans on environmental and supply conditions.
– Planning and projecting of waste water supply.
– Planning and projecting rainwater drainage.
– Catchments and runoff
– Rainfall and climate change
– Pipe dimensioning
– Dimensioning of detention basins and sewers
– Nature Based Solutions

Planning and execution:
– Organization in general
– Time planning for expansion and construction estimates

Teaching Method

Project organized training on a case with theory presentations, problem solving, group work, excursions, practical exercises and presentations.



Research Groups: Produktion, transport og planlægning
Building and Civil Engineering: 2nd semester

The course includes practical exercises where attendance is compulsory.

Digital tools: QGIS, SCALCO Live, The Waste Water Committee: SUDS calculations, MicroStation, MS Project, Sigma

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13 weeks


Engineering Technology


DTU Ballerup Campus

Course code 62330
Course type Graduate Engineer

15.000,00 DKK