Course Diploma English 10 ECTS

Project Management – Methodologies and Tools

Do you want to become a Project Manager – or do you want to professionalize your project management skills? Then sign up for this diploma course!

Projects are integral to engineering work. Indeed, we argue that project management is the second most important skill of Engineers. Therefore, project management competences are fundamental to all Engineers.

In the course, you will strengthen your abilities to lead projects successfully by gaining insight into the essential perspectives and practices of project management. You will acquire the skills and mindset to critically and appropriately use relevant methods and tools to collect and analyze information and lead project groups and team members.

Through the course, you will work with core tools and methods within four perspectives:

Purpose: Envisioning futures and engaging stakeholders

  • Definition of project scope
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement

Complexity: Separating and integrating project components

  • Scheduling project activities
  • Planning delivery

People: Attracting talent and keeping them motivated

  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Leading the project group

Uncertainty: Learning and adapting to changing environments

  • Risk analysis
  • Monitoring progress and outcomes

This course is relevant for anyone responsible for defining, planning and monitoring projects in terms of time, resources, costs, deliverables, and outcomes.

Outcome for you and your company

Outcome for you:

As you actively engage with the topic, you will develop an analytical and pragmatic approach to practice project management. In other words, you will become a reflective project practitioner, who can spot, question and rethink taken-for-granted assumptions about project management practice and thereby develop survival skills for an increasingly projectized (working) life.

The organization gains a leader who:

  • Define scope in line with organizational needs (effectiveness)
  • Analyze, engage and mobilize stakeholders in project objectives
  • Schedule a realistic plan for the project
  • Allocate resources and manage project budgets
  • Proactively assess and mitigate risks
  • Engage in dialogue with clients during project initiation and follow-up
  • View projects as a path to outcomes rather than just a delivery plan

Expand with a complete Education

The module can be expanded into a complete education. DTU offers a range of part-time diploma programmes:

Note: Please note that currently, only courses within the specialization in security are scheduled to be offered in 2024. This means that if you wish to specialize in security in your IT Diploma, you must enroll in Network Security and Applied Cryptography no later than 2024.

You can also choose to combine the module with more modules from the same or other subject areas to create your own flexible diploma programme.

Days of teaching

The teaching take place on the following Mondays from 9:00-16:00:

21/10, 28/10, 4/11, 11/11, 18/11 & 25/11

Admission requirements

To be admitted to a diploma programme, you must:

  • Have a relevant qualifying examination minimum at the level of a business academy education or relevant further adult education.
  • Have at least two years of work experience after qualifying examination.

Recognition of prior learning:

If you do not meet the formal requirements for admission to the diploma programme or the specific diploma modules you are interested in, you can request a recognition of prior learning assessment.

A recognition of prior learning assessment is an individual evaluation where you have the opportunity to have your competencies, knowledge, and skills recognized based on your work experience, volunteer activities, courses, etc., even if you do not have a formal certificate.

We assess your qualifications in relation to the goals and requirements of the specific diploma programme or modules.

With a recognition of prior learning assessment, we can determine whether you can successfully complete the diploma program or its components.

Apply for a recognition of prior learning assessment:


If you are unsure whether you should apply for a recognition of prior learning assessment, you can contact the Head of Studies of the relevant education. If you have questions about how to apply for a recognition of prior learning assessment, you can contact Lotte Leifing, Institute Coordinator, at or call 3588 5102.

General information about prices

The programmes and individual course modules are offered under the Lov om Åben Uddannelse and are approved by the Ministry of Children and Education.

The state subsidy for part-time education is determined in the annual finance act. DTU reserves the right to adjust participant fees as necessary.

The price is determined based on factors such as:

  • Lesson length
  • Subsidy rates set by the Ministry of Education
  • Special circumstances, such as the use of IT equipment, etc.

NOTE: There are special pricing rules if you are unemployed and the job center or municipality pays for participation. Read more about this in the section below.

If you have participated in a prior module:

Payment for the module entitles you to take the corresponding subsequent exam without additional payment. If you do not pass the exam the first time, you are entitled to take the equivalent exam in the following semester without extra cost.

If you have not participated in a prior module:

It is possible to register for an exam without having participated in or paid for the preparatory instruction/module.

The cost for taking an exam in this case is per exam attempt:

  • Modules of 5 ECTS credits: 3,500 DKK
  • Modules of 10 ECTS credits: 5,000 DKK

For participation in final projects, the price per exam attempt is 5,000 DKK.

If you do not pass the exam and wish to take it again in the following semester, full participation fees must be paid again.


If the module is offered, you can find the associated literature for the current semester here.



6 days, from 9.00-16.00


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15.000,00 DKK