Single-Course Danish 5 ECTS

Calculus and algebra 1

Overall Course Objectives

To provide the student with thorough knowledge and practical skills in the parts of mathematics necessary in modern engineering and introduce the students to various work methods used in further studies.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the algebraic and geometric representation of the complex numbers and the complex exponential function.
  • Apply the complex exponential function.
  • Do calculations with complex numbers both by hand and using a computer.
  • Use polynomials with complex roots.
  • Do calculations with polynomials, both by hand and using a computer.
  • Solve simple differential equation of first and second order.
  • Use Taylor polynomials for the approximation of functions in one variable.
  • Use partial derivatives to characterize functions of two variables.
  • Apply mathematics to solve simple engineering problems.
  • Apply the symbolic software tool Maple to solve and graphically display mathematical problems and solutions.

Course Content

Complex numbers, polynomials, differential equations of order one and two, partial derivatives, Taylor’s formula for functions of one variable.

Teaching Method

Lectures and classroom work


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13 weeks




DTU Other Campus

Engineering Technology
Course code 01901
Course type Graduate Engineer

7.500,00 DKK