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Ph.D. Course in Design of Mobile Backhaul Networks

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To give the students a detailed knowledge of modern mobile communication systems. This course builds on the knowledge acquired in 34330 “Introduction to mobile communication”, but the focus here is on the backhaul network, i.e., the network connecting the base stations to the core network and the Internet. Also more advanced topics in the radio access network will be covered.
Throughout the course the student will work on a large case involving design of a mobile backhaul network. The results must be presented to the class as well as be documented in a final, research style paper. In addition the student must prepare a short lecture (45 minutes) on a given advanced topic within mobile communication.

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  • Evaluate requirements to mobile backhaul networks and assess the backhaul’s impact on coverage and capacity
  • Define design criteria for mobile network deployments
  • Estimate load and capacity requirements in mobile networks and based upon this carry out dimensioning of mobile backhaul
  • Define requirements to synchronization, resilience and security
  • Explain how protocols, capacity and technologies impact mobile applications
  • Design backhaul for special applications, e.g., small-cells, relays, inter cell coordination and Cloud-RAN
  • Comprehend advanced literature in the field of mobile communication
  • Plan and carry out a small research type project and analyze and present the achieved results by an oral presentation.


Mobile backhaul networks:
Topologies, wire-less and wire-line backhaul technologies, capacity, load and dimensioning, fronthaul and backhaul, mobile access and aggregation networks, synchronization, resilience, Quality of service, security. Protocols, protocol stacks and protocol overheads.
UMTS/HSPA/LTE/LTE-A mobile network radio access:
Providing coverage and capacity. Macro/micro/pico/femto cells. Special antennas, remote radio heads and cloud-RAN. Interference mitigation techniques.

Anbefalede forudsætninger

34330, Knowledge from courses like 34341 or 34350 would be an advantage.



Teaching in the 13 week period takes place together with course 34343 Mobile Backhaul Networks.

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