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The student will get a broad understanding of important filamentous fungi in agriculture, food production, indoor environments, pharma and biotech, both as contaminants and as production organisms. The course will give the student a comprehensive insight in mycological methods for isolation, identification, screening and characterization of fungi and knowledge on how fungi grow and interact within a given system. The student will get hands on experience with identification of the most common fungal species and their production of enzymes, small acids and mycotoxins. Through group work and case studies the student will become familiar with retrieval and interpretation of experimental data from mycological experiments and the literature

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  • Annotate genomes for fungal secondary metaolite gene clusters
  • Identify and characterise industrially important fungi to species level by multidisciplinary methods
  • Understand the challanges in fungal fermentations
  • Predict the possibilities for fungal growth
  • Screen for production of enzymes, lead compounds and food ingredients
  • Evaluate the possibilities for production of mycotoxins
  • Retrieve and interpret data from on-line databases on fungal bioinformatics
  • Assess a mycological subject within industry and present the subject to people with mycological experience at an advanced level


Fungal physiology and life cycles. Experience with fungal micro- and macro-morphology. Identification of fungi by multidisciplinary methods (morphology, physiology, chemical profiling and DNA sequencing). Secondary metabolism, pathological and toxicological aspects. Student presentations of mycological subjects


Lectures (10 hrs), Laboratory exercises (20 hrs), Project /Group Work (20 hrs), Home work, reporting and presentations (20 hrs)



The course is free for PhD students from EU and EEA. However, there is a fee for materials and meals of DKK 2,000.
Price for industry and outside academia is DKK 10,000.


Minimum 8, Maksimum: 16.

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