Short continuing education courses in biotech

DTU Biotech - short continuing education courses

Looking to upgrade your skills and keep up with new developments in the field of biotech?

DTU Bioengineering, DTU Chemical Engineering, and DTU Biosustain offer a variety of short courses. We can also tailor courses for your specific company. The courses are mainly targeted at industry professionals, e.g. individuals working in the biomanufacturing industry, wishing to strengthen their professional skills, or for keeping up with new developments.

3-5 May 2022

Getting Started with Python for Data Science and Automation in Biotechnology

Learn how to keep up with the rising demands on computational and automation skills and get more time to solve your research problems.

BioEng Python

7-9 June 2022

Putting PAT into Use: A Course in Future QC Technologies

Are you working in the pharmaceutical industry and are you looking for novel measurement techniques for collecting data?

15-17 August 2022

Hands-on cGMP for Biomanufacturing Operations

This course provides an overview of the up- and downstream operations that comprise a typical biopharmaceutical process.

18-19 August 2022

Global Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products

This course introduces you to the quality systems used to meet the regulatory requirements for developing, testing, manufacturing, and selling medical products in the global marketplace.

Bio Engineering short course_Global Regulatory Affairs

23-24 August 2022

Introduction to Biomanufacturing 1

This two-day course provides you with the basic and state-of-the-art biomanufacturing methodologies, delivered by a diverse range of university teachers and industry guest lectures.

Introduction to Biomanufacturing 1

25-26 August 2022

Introduction to Biomanufacturing 2

In this course, you will be exposed to the challenges and understanding of sustainability and you will work with questions, like if biomanufacturing is a sustainable option.

Introduction to Biomanufacturing 2

7-9 September 2022

Cell Culture Engineering: A Single-Use Perspective

Want to gain a fundamental understanding of growth of mammalian cells in bioreactors, and production of recombinant proteins?